Interactive Chat and Video Solution for E-learning Platforms

In this article, you will get to know about the different interactive tools for e-learning and how to implement them. Also, understand E-learning’s meaning.


As we have seen in the past few years, everything is switching to online mode, be it shopping or chatting with your loved ones, and education is no exception. The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed our education system to emphasize online learning and make our education system future ready. This has given space to many companies to bring up E-learning solutions. 

The E-learning sector has undergone several major changes in the last few years. It has started implementing many technological solutions for problems; thus, it is also known as the Ed-tech space. This has also allowed many tech-based companies to introduce different interactive tools to make online learning more convenient for students. 

Advantages of E-learning

There are several advantages of online learning over traditional learning methods:

  1. Through online learning platforms, students can learn according to their pace, which helps them to understand concepts better. They can re-watch the live lectures by recording them whenever they need. Online learning tends to put the students in focus and helps them to grow in a supportive environment. 
  1. Online learning platforms allow tutors to track the performance of the students better. It helps them to recognize the weak students in their classroom and help them accordingly. 
  2. Online learning is more economical than traditional teaching methods, and it saves students money and time. Students can gain education and learn new things while enjoying the comfort of their homes. 
  3. Students can customize their learning environment according to their needs. Having a proper and desired learning environment helps boost the students’ productivity.
  4. On E-learning platforms, students can learn from their desired teachers after attending sample lectures. Likewise, teachers can teach any student in any corner of the world. This makes E-learning more convenient and beneficial for both students and teachers. 

Why Use Interactive Video and Chat for E-learning?

Earlier, E-learning was all about providing recorded lectures to the students for their learning, and they could connect to the teacher via email or a phone call. This method lacked many things like live doubt-solving, connecting with the teacher in a live environment, etc. Interactive video solutions or virtual classrooms have helped overcome these problems. 

With the help of interactive video tools, students can connect and learn with the teacher in a live environment and solve their doubts in the classroom itself. This method is more efficient and beneficial for the students as well as the teachers. Along with connecting with the teachers, students can also connect with their classmates and collaborate on different topics and discussions. 

Interactive tools are beneficial for both tutors and students. They allow the teachers to track their student’s progress and provide suggestions to improve their progress. Students can use these tools to track their records, find their weak spots, and improve accordingly. 

Which Is the Best E-learning Platform?

In the past few years, many E-learning platforms have been established, but Skylink by Temasys is a platform that has developed various effective tools to implement in online education. They have made online learning much more convenient and cost-effective for students and organizations.  

Skylink Cube can help you stay ahead of your competition through learning-oriented interactive tools.

Some salient features of Skylink Cube in the education sector are as under: 

The Bottom Line

The field of online learning is constantly growing, and it is going to be the future of education worldwide. To sustain in this competitive EdTech field, you need to adopt modern technology to provide the best learning solutions to the students. Skylink Cube is the best way to implement interactive video and chat tools on E-learning platforms

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