Temasys offers easy no-code solutions for enhancing your content or applications. Conversational functions are delivered in a simple-to-use chat widget. Installation is easy with no coding experience required.

Skylink Cube is priced with flexibility in mind. Get started with our simple domain-based pricing and skip the costly per-user or per-agent subscription costs found in other solutions.

Skylink Cube is an automatically maintained software solution for installation as an add-on for your existing web properties. Easily engage your customers, readers, and end-users with seamless, barrier-free messaging, voice, and video conversations.

Installation is as simple as copy-and-paste for all websites and, in many cases, a few clicks to install a pre-packaged plugin for popular CMS and SaaS software platforms.

Skylink Cube chat widgets are ideal for driving conversation around your content, customer service applications, and collaboration for content creation.

Try it live at https://temasys.io/skylink-cube/demo or create your first cube today!

If you are looking for more advanced developer focused functionality we also offer a comprehensive suite of cross-platform SDKs for web, hybrid & native mobile, and IoT and server side applications. Find out more about developer solutions at the following link: Skylink Feature-Rich SDKs.

Powerful Features

Multi-user messaging

Multi-party audio conversations

Multi-party video calls

Customizable Features and Visual Styles

Painless Deployment

Automatic updates for features and security

Simple plugin or copy and paste installation for you CMS or Website