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Skylink for Education

Connecting Virtual Collaboration for all of your Human Students

These solutions are used by educational institutions of all sizes to improve communication, collaboration, and learning experiences for students, teachers, and staff.


Temasys can help you build your desired learning features to enhance your apps or websites based on your demands.


Virtual classrooms can be just as immersive as traditional ones, if not more so, with the addition of interactive experiences and access to supporting materials. 


Breakout sessions are easily integrated with a simple API call to provide a fun and stimulating team-driven educational experience.


Integrate with your existing tools or easily add custom add-ons for multi-user features including interactive whiteboards and gamification features.

We Are Focused on Customer Success

Some of my students have little or no computer experience. The fact that they can log in and join a session without having to install any software is a huge benefit. They can just login, enter their username and sit back and start learning!

Jordan R. – Private Language Instructor

With Skylink Cube, we can now launch video calling, voice calling and messaging in our tutoring app. It’s a quick and easy way to add communication features to any mobile application.

Christine P. – VP, Technology Delivery

Easy to setup and use, Skylink Cube has allowed us to provide a valuable resource to our large audience live stream lectures through the addition of breakout sessions where students are able to discuss in smaller groups.

SYED Y. – Student Services Manager

Flexible Instant Messaging

Powerful group and application level messaging for instant contact

Skylink LiveHD Video

Crystal-clear live HD video for easy access to webcams and screen sharing

Skylink LiveHD Audio

High-definition audio for trouble-free, easily understandable voice communications


Skylink technology makes it easy to incorporate real-time communication into your teaching methods and improve engagement with your students.

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Virtual Classroom

Shorten the distance between students and teachers in virtual classrooms.

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Private Tutoring

You can teach people anything, anywhere they might be. Without having to go anywhere.

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Corporate Training

Save time and resources as employees can better fit training into both your schedule and theirs.

We’d love to hear your ideas and talk about how we might work together.

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