What Is Live Chat Software and How Does It Work?

Learn about “what is live chat software?” and “what are the benefits of live chat?” In this blog. Also, know how to deploy a live chat service on your website.


Live chat enables website visitors to interact with your businesses in real-time. The program that allows live chat is referred to as live chat software. It is a service that provides timely client help and information. You can communicate with your clients in real-time using it as an instant messenger. Your website’s conversion rates can go up if your live chat support team reacts swiftly and comfortably to customer questions. Live chat can be used to track customer sentiment, personalize client satisfaction, raise brand engagement, and get an edge over the competition.

How Does a Live Chat Feature Work on a Website?

Your website’s consumer experience and customer service will improve with live chat. Studies show that customers prefer using live chat to contact businesses over the phone or email. 

To add the chat feature to your website, you must copy a few lines of code from the chat vendor and paste them into the website’s back end. If you insert the custom code, your website can only have a chat feature. You must paste the code on every page if you want it to show up on every page of your website. 

Once the code has been put into your web pages, the chat button will appear on your website. This button must be located in your website’s bottom right-hand corner. People expect to find it right there. 

Your chat button can be customized in several ways, but it often looks like a box with the word “Chat” on it. A dialogue window opens as soon as the visitor clicks the chat button. 

To utilize desktop chat, you must download a chat client to your computer (which is more typical for enterprise chat solutions). Following that, you may start receiving requests by logging into chat on your computer.

What Is a Live Chat App?

Using a live chat app, you may have real-time conversations with customers while providing customer care. Live chat apps enable you to reply to consumer concerns through your website swiftly and are typically included in a help desk bundle. Live chat is increasingly becoming a necessary part of offering customer service. For example, Skylink Cube allows for enterprise-grade live chat and audio/video conferencing. 

Benefits of Live Chat

Increasing sales: In order to make a sale, you must gain the trust and loyalty of the users of your website. After using the feature, 62% more clients are now inclined to make a subsequent purchase. Furthermore, 38% said that the chat session influenced their decision to buy a product. 

Choosing an economy of scale: Time is money for businesses, and this problem is addressed via customer chat support. It reduces the typical cost of communications like phone calls. Live chat is more practical than calling because one agent may manage multiple conversations at once. Fewer agents are required because of the improved sales and customer handling efficiency. 

Providing convenience for customers: Users can multitask by using a live chat system and making an online purchase while they wait for chat support. To resolve a customer’s issue, live chat agents typically take between 23 and 46 seconds to respond. 

Instant communication: Customers now demand rapid replies from businesses of all sizes. Live chat is accessible to both huge corporations and small and medium-sized organizations. 

Providing you with a competitive edge: Outperforming your competitors can significantly boost your appeal to potential clients. It’s also crucial to stay one step ahead of them, especially since more businesses are expected to employ it in the coming years due to its accessibility. 

Enhancing customer loyalty and service: Live chat has higher levels of customer satisfaction than other customer support methods. Customers commonly return to a firm that makes them feel at ease doing business with them by providing hassle-free, straightforward, and immediate assistance. 

Increasing market size: Customers feel more secure knowing they can contact you immediately to make plans for purchases and ask inquiries thanks to a live service desk. This includes foreign clients that are prevented from reaching your company due to exorbitant rates for international calls. 


Today, if you want your business to succeed, you must use live chat software. Your clients want rapid, helpful service that assists them in making purchases. You may communicate with your customers in a way that suits those best with live chat and use that interaction to provide them with a genuinely memorable experience. Additionally, you will reduce support costs while increasing average order value and overall revenues. We recommend you check out Skylink Cube; the basic plan and demo are free! You can easily deploy it on your website and enable the texting feature for your clients without incurring any charges. Switch to a premium plan as and when your business scales up.

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