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WebRTC for Internet Explorer

Bridge the WebRTC gap in IE 11.

The Temasys WebRTC Plugin for Internet Explorer is a valuable tool to help you upgrade your legacy software solutions. Our plugin uses ActiveX to inject standard-based WebRTC APIs into Internet Explorer.

Gain access to powerful real-time voice, video, and data transfer capabilities to modernize and breathe new life into your trusted software solutions.

The plugin is available in a variety of configurations to suit your functional and branding needs.

Pricing options start at just $1500 per month with custom pricing options available.

Contact us for a consultation and quote today.

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The Temasys WebRTC Plugin brings WebRTC functionality for Internet Explorer and derivative browsers only and is not required by other browsers.

The Temasys WebRTC plugin is NOT required for use of the Skylink Cube or Skylink SDK products offered by Temasys. 

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