Skylink’s Feature Rich SDKs

Our SDKs embed real-time communication such as Video, Voice, and Messaging systems on the platforms/Apps.

The SDKs for Web is now compatible with WebRTC unified plan and use ES6 class-based architecture. This upgrade allows developers to integrate communication features easily into the software.

The Android SDKs offer endless possibilities with Video, Voice, along with advanced data channel integration. Enjoy multi-party calls within minutes with our ioS SDK.

Skylink Web SDK

Simplifying real-time communication

Our Web SDK was developed with 4 years of intensive research and development for our customers to experience hassle-free real-time communication. This SDK enables programmable Video, Voice & Messaging on your platform apps at low latency.

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What’s Next?

The Skylink platform covers every aspect of real-time communication with the power of native media, device integration, and advanced data implementation. Kickstart your journey! Check out our latest documentation for reference or contact our support team for more details.

 Skylink SDKs for Mobile

Powerful Native and Hybrid WebRTC solutions for Android Devices

Our SDKs for mobile have are the product of years of intensive R&D to ensure an easy-to-use and reliable real-time communications solution for your applications. The SDKs feature support for implementation using Java and Kotlen for Android and Objective-C and Swift for iOS as well as React-Native across both platforms for painless integration into apps of all types. Leverage encrypted, low-latency audio, video, messaging, and advanced data streaming functionality to enhance your solutions today.

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Rapid development in reliable and complete functionality that is easy to use.

Using the Temasys Skylink SDK for Android, allows developers to build a one to-one video conferencing solution in a few minutes. See our getting started guide or sample application for multiparty calls as well.

SDKs for Android

The Skylink SDK for Android covers every aspect of real-time interaction. With its native cameras, audio system integration, sensor access and an advanced data channel implementation, your platform becomes unstoppable.

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Check out our latest documentation or contact our support team for more details

SDKs for iOS

Our Skylink SDK for iOS is a result of 4 years of intensive research and efforts in order to make an easy-to-use communication system. Our SDK which supports both Objective-C & Swift programming languages enables your iOS application to use encrypted audio, video and advanced data streaming functionality with low latency.

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Cordova SDKs

  • Skylink React-native
    Hybrid SDK one of the newest and most exciting components of the Temasys ecosystem, equipping Web developers to create WebRTC mobile applications with the performance, look and feel of a native application.
    Optimally leveraging React Native WebRTC, Skylink RN combines the power of embedded real time communications with the cross-platform development potential and code reusability aspects of React Native – enabling accelerated, agile mobile development – all using familiar JavaScript

Linux SDKs

Designed as a server-side entry-point to the Temasys platform, the SDK for Linux is a fully-featured C++ client toolkit. The perfect solution for automation, bots, and offline media streaming into live sessions. It is encrypted in private beta.