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Real-time SDKs from Skylink

Stay ahead of the competition.

Skylink SDKs allow easy connectivity to our global communications network for embedding real-time voice, video, chat, and more into your own digital products, websites, and apps.

We are compatible with the latest developer tools on all supported platforms. Developers can integrate without concern that the next software update will cause trouble through. Temasys technology builds on top of proven industry standard APIs, including WebRTC.

All of our SDKs speak the same language with support for web, hybrid and native mobile apps on Android and iOS devices, and more.

Extensive Target Platform Support

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Real-time web platform SDK

SkylinkJS brings embedded real-time features to its web and mobile web platforms. From a basic chat app to a complex team video solution, implementation is painless.

We take care of the technical complexity to allow you to focus on your own product objectives.

SkylinkJS is compatible with all popular JavaScript front-end frameworks and development tools. Native API support is built-in to all current leading desktop and mobile browsers.

Building rich collaborative features into your web-based products has never been easier.

Have a look at our quick-start guide to get things up and running quickly.

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Native Real-time SDKs for Mobile Devices from Apple and Android

Our native mobile real-time SDK family includes SDKs that support the latest devices and mobile and tablet operating systems from Apple and the Android platform.

Take advantage of improved hardware acceleration, better access to device APIs, and improved network and power management through your target device’s native APIs.

A perfect solution for adding real-time functionality to your existing native mobile applications.

Language support includes Java and Kotlin on the Android platform and Objective-C and Swift for Apple devices.

Like all of our SDK products, Skylink SDKs offer full interop with the rest of our SDK family.

Take a look at our quick-start guides for iOS and Android to augment your native mobile apps.

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SkylinkRN Hybrid SDK

React Native Real-time SDK for Hybrid Apps

Build out powerful collaboration functions in your hybrid-mobile solution with our Skylink React Native SDK. Our React Native SDK takes the power of our SkylinkJS Web Platform SDK and pairs it with the capabilities of native device access for the best of both worlds.

Have a look at our quick-start guide to get things up and running quickly.

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C++ Real-time SDK Application Servers and Smart Devices

While the rest of our SDKs are firmly targeted at client side applications, we haven’t forgotten about the backend or smart devices. Temasys offers all the power of our client side SDKs in a convenient C++ library for use in a variety of programmatic applications. This tool is ideal for building augmented experiences, surfacing application data, and integrating Ai solutions and automation into your Skylink experience.

Take a look at our quick-start guide to learn more about integrating Skylink into your own platform.

We’d love to hear your ideas and talk about how we might work together.

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