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Build Quality Human Communications with our instant live chat, voice and video SDKs

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Real-time SDKs for Web Platforms, Mobile Devices, and Hybrid Apps – Ready to Deploy!

Temasys’ Skylink SDKs utilize our global communications network to offer real-time voice, video, text, and other features in your digital products, websites, and apps.

We are compatible with the latest developer tools on all supported platforms. Developers can integrate without concern that the next software update will cause trouble through. Temasys technology builds on top of proven industry standard APIs, including WebRTC.

All of our SDKs speak the same language with support for web, hybrid and native mobile apps on Android and iOS devices, and more.

SkylinkJS Real-time SDK Icon

SkylinkJS:  Real-time Web Platform SDK

Thanks to SkylinkJS, any website can swiftly take advantage of WebRTC’s direct data streaming capabilities between users for audio/video conferencing. It brings real-time features to its web and mobile web platforms. 

Deploying SkylinkJS is a hassle-free process. Post implementation, you get to offer your clients an advanced collaboration videoconferencing solution over the web. 

SkylinkJS works with all the major JavaScript front-end frameworks and development tools. The current market-leading desktop and mobile browsers come with native API compatibility.

Check out our quick-start guide to learn more about integrating Skylink SDK with your platform.

Skylink Mobile Real-time SDKs Icon

Whether you need SDKs for Mobile Devices for Android or SDKs for Mobile Devices for iOS, Skylink has you covered. Native mobile real-time SDKs are compatible with the most recent Apple and Android models, tablet devices, and operating systems.

Utilize the native APIs of your target device to benefit from enhanced hardware acceleration, better access to device APIs, and improved network and power management.

It’s never too late to give your existing native mobile applications real-time capabilities. Android OS supports Java and Kotlin, whereas Swift and Objective-C are supported on Apple devices via live chat iOS SDK.

Check out our quick-start guide to get things going right away — for Android and iOS.

Skylink Real-time SDK for React Native Icon

SkylinkRN: Hybrid SDK for Hybrid Apps

Using our Skylink React Native SDK, you can integrate robust collaboration features into your hybrid mobile solution. 

Our React Native SDK combines the strength of our SkylinkJS Web Platform SDK with the advantages of native device capabilities, offering you the maximum possible features.

Skylink SDKs allow complete videoconferencing interoperability (interop) with the rest of our SDK family, just like all of our SDK offerings.

Visit our quick-start guide to learn more about incorporating Skylink SDK into your platform.

Skylink Real-time SDK for CPP Icon

Why should the backend or smart devices be left behind? Even if most of our SDKs are firmly focused on client-side applications, Skylink SDK for C++ takes care of such devices. 

For usage in a range of programmatic applications, Temasys provides all the functionality of our client-side SDKs in a handy C++ library. 

With the help of this tool, you may create augmented experiences, surface application data, and automate and integrate Ai solutions into your Skylink experience.
Check out our quick-start guide to learn more about integrating Skylink SDK into your platform.

Ready to Enhance Human Communications?

You can take your business to the next level in a few easy steps:

  1. Register for a Temasys account at
  2. Sign in to the console
  3. Create an app
  4. Choose the desired platform and payment plan
  5. Generate a private app key to get started.

Our comprehensive GitHub user guides will aid you in deploying Skylink SDK on your platform from start to finish. You can choose your target platform and follow the simple on-screen instructions. No coding knowledge is necessary.

We, at Temasys Communications, via Skylink solutions, make it effortless for companies of all sizes to enhance user experiences across all digital platforms with live audio, video, instant messaging, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a real-time Web Chat application?

A real-time web chat or video collaboration application built with Skylink SDKs allows users to send and receive live text messages, rich communication features like voice and video calls, and live media with near-zero latency or delay anywhere in the world.

 How do real-time Web Chat applications work?

A real-time chat and video communication application generally consists of three components: a messaging client, a server and optimized network infrastructure, and a persistent connection. The sender’s messages and media are sent via authenticated pathways via the API, direct client connections, and media servers in milliseconds for delivery to the recipient.

How does a Live Chat and Video Collaboration SDK work?

Temasys Skylink Live Chat and Video Collaboration SDKs use APIs to send and receive media and messages in real-time, instantly. By connecting to Temasys’ hyper-optimized global communications network, these SDKs make it easy for users to add powerful communication features into their websites and products.

We’d love to hear your ideas and talk about how we might work together.

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