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Take Your Telehealth Business to New Heights with Skylink

Online live chat for healthcare needs is easily integrable with your apps/websites.

Our readily deployable Skylink Cube and Skylink SDKs supplement your web-based telehealth business platforms with features that allow for more immersive human-to-human communications. 

Due to the rapidly evolving digital healthcare infrastructure, patients and doctors find it more convenient than ever to schedule medical consultations digitally.

Role of Sylink Cube Healthcare Chat Platform in the Telehealth Industry

Did you know? The usage of telehealth services has increased by 38 times from the pre-COVID-19 stats. Deploying a fully functional, professional-grade, and feature-intensive chat platform that allows for texting, HD audio/video calls, and other remote health services is the need of the hour.


For the best possible healthcare services, Skylink Cube, provides health specialists with a myriad of communications features. You may provide your clients instant access to the features they need for better consultation. Moreover, you are free to build desired telehealth features to enrich your apps or websites.


Traditional consultations do not offer as many features as immersive virtual consultations. Rich messaging features, voice, and video communication channels are essential for an immersive virtual consultation. Skylink elevates virtual consultation environments by providing access to interactive experiences and additional tools.


Utilizing a simple API call, multi-party awareness sessions can be organized via Skylink Cube. The health specialists can present their concerns via screen sharing and other immersive tools. Your clients can also speak up about their issues and share the center stage if the need arises. We make sure your software needs are covered.


We are aware that in order to provide high-quality healthcare, various personalized features are required. Therefore, Skylink also allows you to customize telehealth features as needed.  You get to integrate unique add-ons for multi-user capabilities, such as interactive annotations.

We Are Focused on Customer Success

My clinic covers a large rural area and my patients are not typically digital adept. The fact that they can log in and meet face-to-face virtually without having to install any software is a huge benefit, ensuring they are always able to make their appointments

Jonah T. – Private Family Physician

With Skylink Cube, we can instantly engage with people who are struggling with mental health issues at a time when it really matters. No other solution has allowed us to do this so painlessly.

Dianne C. – Public Mental Health Program Manager

Easy to setup and use, Skylink Cube has allowed us to provide a valuable resource to our physical therapy patients. The live video functionality enables us to remotely assess our mobility restricted patients in a much more timely manner.

Erik T. – Rehabilitation Coordinator

Why only Skylink Cube for Telehealth Services?

Skylink Cube’s modular approach towards no-code SDK deployment for additional features to your website/app makes it an outstanding choice for virtual telehealth services. It’s much more than a live chat application for the website since you can integrate all the relevant features as and when required. 

The following technologies power Skylink cube, which makes it the perfect option for telehealth businesses looking to offer consultations virtually:

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Patients with co-existing conditions who are treated by cross-disciplinary teams can now benefit from multiparty calls with Skylink Mobile Solutions, which allow for simultaneous, unified, and coordinated interactions between multiple specialists at the convenience and security of their own homes.

We utilize our auto-adapted media handling to serve patients with the best possible quality of service while they access services from wherever they may be.

Temasys offers a cloud-based platform that enables developers to create applications for remote health services with greater functionality and interaction. Temasys powers thousands of interactions and millions of minutes of audio, video, and data sharing every day through its cloud-based platform. Contact us today to learn more about how Skylink can improve your application.

Flexible Instant Messaging

Powerful group and application level messaging for instant contact

Skylink LiveHD Video

Crystal-clear live HD video for easy access to webcams and screen sharing

Skylink LiveHD Audio

High-definition audio for trouble-free easily understandable voice communications

Use Cases for Skylink Cube in the Healthcare Secto

Multiparty calls with Skylink Mobile Solutions enable simultaneous, unified, and coordinated interactions between multiple specialists at the convenience and security of their homes. Patients with co-existing conditions can be treated by these cross-disciplinary teams virtually.

The incorporation of Sylink Cube into healthcare platforms is a boon for specialists as well as patients. It allows you to add real-time communication to any healthcare solution. With the help of Temasys’ cloud-based platform, programmers may build more interactive and functional applications for remote health care.

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Virtual Patient Visits

Doctors can check up on patients from the comfort of their personal spaces. Neither do the patients have to travel enormous distances to get a regular checkup.

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Post-Care Follow-up

Doctors can follow up with patients from anywhere on earth after diagnosis or medical procedures. There is no need to physically visit any place when Skylink Cube is integrated into your platform.

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Mental Health

Skylink Cube helps you dispense mental health resources and relevant features when they matter the most. It’s very convenient for patients to attend counseling sessions virtually.

Can our users chat with a doctor online?

Skylink Cube allows any web-based healthcare platform or application to chat with a doctor online. Any genuine telehealth business with our SDK or Cube integration can let users chat with a doctor online

How can website users can ask medical questions online?

The features that can be utilized to ask medical questions are instant messaging, voice calls, and video calls. Custom SDKs can be deployed for specialized needs to make more features and resources available.

What is a medical chatbot?

Medical chatbots are conversational AI-powered tools that facilitate communication between patients, insurance providers, and healthcare professionals. Skylink Cube aims to make human-to-human interactions the new normal because humans are best assisted by humans alone.

Is there a website to ask medical questions?

There are many websites on the web that house professionals to answer medical questions posted by random users. However, these services are mostly textual, so you cannot expect a satisfactory redressal of your health concerns.

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