Temasys Pricing

Start for Free – Pay When You’re Ready – No Per Minute Charges!

Temasys pricing is simple and straightforward. There are no per minute charges, and you only pay if you like what you see.

Get Started for Free

Unlimited Connections. Unlimited Bandwidth. Every Feature. For 30 Days.

Get started with the Temasys Skylink Platform free for 30 days. You get full access to every feature of the Platform. That means unlimited peer connections and unlimited bandwidth so you can add real-time communication features to your mobile apps and websites at no charge whatsoever, including interactive video, voice calling, text chat, file sharing, screen sharing, and recording.

Login to the Console to create your account and get started now.

Need More Time?

If you need more time to evaluate the Temasys Platform, Contact Us and we’ll work with you to extend your trial.

When you’re ready, simply log in to the Temasys Console to choose your preferred Plan.

If you do not choose a Plan, you will automatically be downgraded to a post-trial free plan with very limited functionality.

For more information about the Custom Plan, please contact sales@temasys.io

What Are Peer Connections?

Peer Connections are counted by the number of unique peer ids that are created in a session. For each participant in a room, a unique peer id is generated.

So for example, two people talking on a video call for any length of time would be measured as 2 peer connections

What Is A TURN Server?

TURN Servers are used when a peer connection needs a supplemental service to punch through specific types of firewalls or restricted networks. Acting as a last option for finding how peers connect to each other, TURN gets through these obstacles by relaying the media. TURN greatly improves connection success rates on a global scale.

What Is The SFU/MCU?

A Selective Forwarding Unit (SFU) is a service for optimizing the number of streams sent in a room by forwarding media to a central server. This server can then smartly route and multiplex those media streams between users in a call. This decreases bandwidth required for multi-party calls and the amount of load on client software. The SFU/MCU is also required to be turned on when recording sessions. Learn more about Temasys SFU/MCU.

What’s Included In A Free Plan?

You will always be able to have a free account at Temasys. However, free plans impose limits on usage and access to premium features. As of January 2018, free plans allow you to run applications with up to 10 concurrent users at a time. In addition, access to routed media services is disabled. Routed media services include TURN and the SFU/MCU, and any features that rely on those services to work, like recording and archiving.

Plugin Pricing

Please contact sales for details.