How to Create a Great Customer Experience With Chat Support

Chat support is one of the most popular ways to enhance customer experience today. Read entirely to know more on how to implement live chat support.


As the world is moving online, businesses have also started focusing on websites and online services. Since human interaction is not available on online platforms, live chat support is a way through which you provide a human touch to your website. 

Chat support is a popular kind of customer care or support that assists customers via a messaging app or an online chatbot. Chat help, whether supplied by live people or through artificial intelligence (AI), supports more traditional customer care channels such as calls or email.

What is Live Chat Support? 

Live chat software allows your customers or website visitors in real-time. They offer a seamless experience and remove interruptions between you and your customers. 

It is an excellent alternative to emails or phone support as phone calls are not suitable for people in different time zones, and as we all know, most of the emails land in the trash or spam section. 

It is a cost-effective and more modern way of connecting to your customers. 

What is Customer Experience?

In simple words, customer experience (CX) is the perception of the brand customers have in their minds. This perception is based on the services the brand offers, how they treat its customers, and different stages of customer-brand interaction. Customer experience is directly proportional to customer loyalty. 

What is Perfect Customer Service? 

A person purchases a product offered by your company, lands on your website, orders the product, and is satisfied. Congratulations, you have successfully provided a good customer experience. The above example demonstrates what a perfect customer experience is. Your customers can connect with your business without interruptions. A good customer experience can help increase customer retention. 

How Can Chat Support Help in Customer Experience?

Most people assume that live chat is equivalent to an ordinary chatbot. Live chat support is entirely different from chatbots. It works in real-time and provides visitors with a personalized and human experience.

Tips to Use Live Chat to Improve Customer Experience

  1.  Be Quick

The first thing you do when a customer enters your store is, offer them greetings with a smile. The same applies to websites; when a customer lands on your website, your live chat support should be quick enough to greet them and ask them if they need assistance. This might look like a small step, but it’s essential and helps create a positive impression in the customer’s minds.

  1. Stay Focused

Customers who access your chat software should not feel that the chat is off-topic. Your live chat session should be focused on your product and assisting your customers with any query related to the product. 

  1. Personalize the Chat

Every customer is not the same. You need to identify the type of customer and try to provide them with a personalized experience in your chat, so they feel more connected to your business. You should identify them with the help of data, whether they are repeat customers or making their first purchase. This will help to provide a better experience to your customers. You can even ask them to connect with your business and social media platforms to improve connectivity.

  1. Don’t Mislead the Customers.

If you cannot provide a solution to the customer’s query, don’t try to come up with excuses or mislead them. Let them know if you need time to give them an appropriate answer. This will help to build trust among your customers and increase your credibility. 

  1. Keep it Short and Straightforward.

Keep your chat focused on the topic and try to reply in short answers wherever possible. Use simple language and avoid jargon, as it might seem misleading to your customers or visitors. Keeping it quick and simple will allow your customers to engage in the chat and make them feel comfortable with the service.

Best Live Chat Examples

Most of the live chat software pops up in a chat window in a proactive manner. They also work reactively, i.e., on the visitor’s demand. Here is an example of how this pop-up service can be implemented to improve the customer experience:

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We hope now you understand how to create a great customer experience with chat support. If you want to add live chat support to your business platform immediately, Skylink Cube’s free trial is here! Customer experience is everything for businesses that predominantly work over the internet, so it makes perfect sense to deploy live agents to take care of your clients.

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