How Do I Add Live Chat on My Website?

Live chat support on websites has become an essential step to promoting sales growth through customer satisfaction. Read the blog to learn more about how to add a live chat feature to your website.


Live chat software for a website is an effective approach to engaging visitors on a website. You can assist existing customers with their queries or issues through live chat services, which will help increase customer satisfaction and retention. Moreover, you can also respond to the queries of the customer regarding services offered by your business, which will help increase customer satisfaction and retention. You can also provide them with offers or deals on products or services to boost your website traffic.

A live chat service delivers a unique and customized experience for consumers. Additionally, many live chat solutions enable you to get some basic consumer contact details so you may follow up with them and increase sales and customer retention.

The majority of the time, live chat service is used when a website visitor has a query that needs an immediate response. This easy interface allows customers to opt for the chat method rather than customer care calls and interact directly with humans rather than chatbots. Additionally, it gives you time to improvise those sales objectives or other glitches which could otherwise be a reason for lesser traffic to your website.

How to add live chat on your website?

The first step in choosing your ideal tool is deciding which live chat web app features are most suitable for your website. Look for live chat services with the characteristics that are most important to your website.

Once you’ve decided on the live chat software for the website, installation should be simple. Typically, the live chat software you’ve selected will provide you with code to copy and paste into the website’s backend. The majority of live chat programs will also include detailed instructions you can refer to.

Then, strategically install your live chat widget on one or more of your websites. Besides, you must also keep in mind the live chat customization after installation. For instance, the live chat welcome message on your Pricing page and the welcome message on your Contact Us page should differ. Keep in mind that depending on the page, your site visitors will have distinct needs. 

Moreover, look for live chat software choices that can be integrated with your other tools, such as your CRM or sales software, when you are doing your study. This will increase the effectiveness of all exchanges.

Why is adding live chat to your website important?

Live chat web apps or software can significantly affect your online sales and promotion. It enables customers to receive immediate responses without leaving your website. Additionally, live chat help has been shown to increase sales and improve conversion rates. However, a lot of it is determined by the kind of chosen live chat software for the website.

Why must you customize your website online chat?

You can use live chat templates to customize your website online chat. Customization offers numerous benefits that increase the platform’s usability and effectiveness. Your agents can interact with customers and give the appropriate information more quickly and simply through an improved interface.

Customization of website online chat also helps to speed up communication ways. A solid template will direct your representatives to recognize customers’ needs more quickly, engage with them more effectively, and provide the required assistance as soon as feasible. 


With online website chat, you provide customers with a method to contact right away when they have questions or problems that they can’t figure out. It is easier for customers than emailing a support team because they never know when they will hear back from a representative by email. 

However, a poor website online chat can lead to bad live chat customer experiences and delayed response time. It can further be the reason you lose out on sales and customers. Additionally, you can end up paying too much for your live chat software or having trouble making the most of a product that isn’t a good fit for your website, your requirements, or your level of expertise. So, it is important to conduct thorough research and analysis.

While most software provides codes to install live chat software on websites, Skylink Cube provides the most convenient manner to add the option of live chat on your websites and digital platforms without writing any code. Additionally, there are no restrictions on the number of seats or the duration of calls with Skylink Cube. It is available every day of the week, all day long. It is easily installable on as many authorized domains as you want. 

Temasys Skylink facilitates customer live chat software on your website. Skylink Cue is fantastic software to engage with potential and brand-new clients. It is customizable for all types of businesses. Skylink Cube is assured to provide websites with a live chat service that will increase sales of the website.
Skylink Cube provides an affordable range of services to choose from. Check out the pricing plans to see which is better suited for you. You can also start your free trial of Skylink Cube today to check how its features would benefit your website.

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