8 Ways to Convert Leads Using Live Chats

Recent stats prove that live chat boosts lead conversion rates and a company’s revenue as well. Let’s learn some great ways to use live chat for conversions.


Generating leads and turning them into clients is one of the toughest work in the internet business. A fantastic way to improve lead generation is through live chat software for B2B websites. In addition to increasing consumer interaction, it is also the quickest, easiest, and frequently least expensive option to contact potential customers and begin a direct dialogue with them in real-time. Adding a live chat feature to a website usually results in a 20% increase in conversion rates.

Live chat increases the likelihood that your visitors will initiate a discussion on their own and allows you to contact potential clients directly, both of which help you generate more leads. Your efforts will be more successful and efficient if you combine your unlimited chats with client data to ensure that you contact the correct consumers at the right time. And that often occurs when your live chat service providers enable you to gather quality leads for your company. For this reason, to properly increase your sales and business growth, we must examine how to get the most leads from live chat on the website free of cost.

Ways to Convert Leads Using Live Chats

Let’s go through these eight best ways to convert leads using live chat one by one:

1. Make Your Pre-Chat Form More Specific by Customizing It

Including a pre-chat form in your chat widget is one of the greatest strategies to increase lead conversions for your company using a live chat solution. It enables your sales and marketing teams to develop plans that will turn leads into long-term clients by assisting you in gathering information that will help you better understand your leads.

2. Utilize Real-time Support for Chat Leads

The live chat tool assists in resolving client concerns about purchases, which boosts consumer confidence. Use the fantastic live chat tools to offer a wonderful customer experience when you want to give consumers real-time support. Your operators will be able to offer real-time support thanks to a number of capabilities, such as: 

3. Create an Outstanding Mobile Service

People may utilize the best live chat software for websites to acquire the information they want right away rather than having to navigate through several pages on the small mobile screen or write emails to inquire about your items via mobile apps, google analytics, Facebook messenger, social media, video chats, etc. Fortunately, there is a technology that allows for high-quality mobile chat apps. Keep an eye out for the app’s response times, design, usability, and compatibility with different mobile platforms, including Android, iPhone, and iPad.

4. Make the Digital Consumer Experience More Customized

Most people dislike being forcefully pitched to. Before attempting to sell the items and services, consumers want to feel that a company understands their needs. This is how the chat software for business is used: to quickly and easily learn what each individual client wants to gain out of your business. 

5. Analyze Data to Better Comprehend Your Consumers

If you are trying to figure out how to generate leads, you are essentially trying to figure out how to sway people’s behavior. To create more individualized services, you must first comprehend that behavior. Given that leads are more likely to become customers eventually, this can result in actual business. This will help you generate more leads.

6. Locate Quality Leads

People contacting your company is a big part of the lead-generating process. For instance, if a potential customer is browsing your website or the best free live chat plugin for WordPress, you would frequently hold off on contacting them until they click on a call to action or contact your sales department.

7. Find Cross-selling and Upselling Opportunities

Live chat’s capabilities and successful application may increase your company’s qualified lead generation effectiveness. Operators may provide ideas that assist you in increasing leads for the business when they have the proper information about your visitors and current clients. When your employees see upsell possibilities, they discover a way to keep your current clients interested and inspire them to recommend you to others by providing them with a great experience.

8. Greet Visitors, Whether New or Returning to Close More Leads

Greetings or chatbot templates are a fantastic approach to engage potential customers and increase the likelihood that they will convert to your website. You can even measure the effectiveness of your welcomes using a few live chat lead-generating solutions.


Lead generation is a skill that is always changing. Ten years ago, organizations frequently depended on direct mail, efficient advertising, and trade show participation when considering how to create leads. You can both help your present customer service and attract new ones by using the best free live chat software as a customer care tool and putting these suggestions into practice. Skylink Cube is a one-of-its-kind videoconferencing solution that offers unlimited free real-time text live chat. Moreover, voice and video features are available for as long as $1 a day. You can easily learn how to set it up for better conversion rates.

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