How much does live chat increase conversion?

Wondering how can live chat support increase the conversion rate? Read along to find out.


With the technological advancements in recent years, companies need to provide a lot of effort to ensure brand loyalty. Live chat helps in bridging the communication gap between customer service and consumer expectations. Consumers love to feel valued and want to receive answers and solutions for their queries as quickly as possible, which is ensured by the live chat support feature. This article will focus on the live chat conversion rate and how live chat service satisfaction increases conversion rates. 

Why has live chat support become a preferred support channel?

As a business owner, you must know that customers are always curious about the products and services offered and demand answers to their inquiries and concerns. If they need to send an email or have to request customer service, it is considered a missed opportunity on a lead that could have converted into a sale. 

Live chat support allows a customer to get the needed information instantly from a customer support team. So in cases where customers need more information than is available on your website, they opt for the live chat feature. The future of e-commerce businesses depends heavily on user experience and personalized customer relationships, as these factors affect the customers’ buying decisions. 

Live chat statistics for 2021 show a significant and growing difference between live chat vs phone support as a preferred support channel. Live chat has become the leading customer support channel, with 51% of customers being more likely to purchase from a business that provides live chat support. Live chat is relatively fast and efficient, generates lead data, increases support capacity time, generates support data, and provides proactive customer support services. Live chat support can be provided 24*7 compared to phone support; the response is often delayed in a phone call, and it is harder to scale.

How can live chat increase conversion rates?

The conversion rate is the percentage of visitors who complete the desired action or purchase out of the total number of website visitors. Live chat conversion is the conversion rate that initiates from live chat support services.

Even though live chat has been around for several years, there has been a sudden upsurge in customers using it. Whenever you visit a website or product page nowadays, you will see a live chat widget that pops up to ask you about your requirements and queries. Businesses offering live chat secure good lead generation and can boost the conversion rate on their websites. There are certain reasons and key points that make Live chat an effective conversion tool:

According to various surveys, the live chat conversion rate is high compared to other support platforms. A website visitor guided by a live chat support agent is 2.8 times more inclined to make a purchase from the site. 38% of customers are said to have made a purchase after a good session with a customer support agent. Valuing customers’ interest and time with efficient customer support ensures lead generation and increased conversion rates. In the Invesp survey, 44% of online consumers stated that their questions answered in real-time while purchasing is the best feature a website can offer. A live chat feature can bring an 8% to 20% increase in conversion rates.

How can you measure your live chat conversion rates? 

Live chat services provide you with all kinds of equipment and tools to track conversion rates. The best method of success is to ensure that your agents provide a customer experience that should be friendly, fast, and helpful. You can even ask the consumers to complete a service quality survey after a live chat session. 


Live chat is the preferred way for customers to engage with brands and find the solution for their queries. Answering questions, providing efficient customer support, resolving consumer issues on time, and staying in touch with your online customers while making them feel valued can lead to retention and increased sales.

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What is considered a high conversion rate?

A: Landing pages with a conversion rate of 11.45% and higher are considered to have a high conversion rate.

What platform has the highest conversion rate?

A: Google has the highest conversion rate, approximately 8.2%.

What is a good online conversion rate?A: The range between 8.2% to 11.45% is considered a good online conversion rate.

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