Temasys SDKs have been designed with speed and ease-of-use as a fundamental philosophy from day one. Our engineers have studied the industry and understand the tools that developers use and the behaviors that developers expect. With extensive in-line and online documentation, Temasys SDKs become second nature and easily integrate the tools you already use.  Basic use cases requiring less than 5 minutes of code to get up and running with your first session, roughly 15 lines for our Web SDK.

Basic use cases often require less than 5 minutes of code to get up and running, roughly 15 lines for our Web SDK and only a handful more on mobile.

Temasys SDK for Web & Hybrid Applications

The Temasys SDK for Web (SkylinkJS) is all that we’ve learned working with WebRTC in one small, easy-to-use JavaScript library. Easily enable your web-app to use low-latency audio, video and data exchange for calling, conferencing, gaming, streaming and whatever else you can dream of. Endlessly flexible, relentlessly extendable, the developers magic toolbox.

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Temasys SDK for iOS Devices 

Temasys Skylink SDK for iOS is the easiest way to connect your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad apps with each other and exchange audio, video, messages, and files the fastest way possible. Based on WebRTC it even allows you to connect to users on the web and on Android. Compatible with iOS 8, 9 & 10, iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, Objective-C and Swift

Temasys SDK for Android Devices 

Audio and video real-time communication, messaging and file transfer for your Android app. Our Temasys SDK for Android makes it simple to use and able to seamlessly interconnect with the web and iOS. Compatible with Android API level 16 and upwards

Temasys SDK for Linux 

Designed as a server-side entry-point to the Temasys platform, the Temasys SDK for Linux is a full-featured C++ client toolkit for Linux. The perfect solution for automation, bots, and for offline media streaming into live sessions. This SDK is currently in private beta, please reach out to a support or sales teams for more information.