Why You Should Care About Customer Journey Touchpoints?

This article provides an overview of what a customer touchpoint is and why you should care about customer journey touchpoints. 


Customer journey touchpoints can alter your audience’s reactions to your product or service. In order to improve your customer’s experience, you need to understand what touchpoints are, how they work, and when they are encountered. 

Some stats prove the significance of customer touchpoints in the performance of a business. For example, the average consumer journey today includes between 20 and 500 above touchpoints, and 72% of customers now only interact with tailored communications.

What Are Customer Touchpoints?

Customer journey touchpoints include any direct or indirect interactions your brand has with your customers that influence their attitude toward your brand. Visits to physical stores, magazine articles, advertisements, or test samples are all customer touchpoint examples.

Customer Jurney Touchpoints – Categories

Here are some touchpoint categories that might appear on a customer journey map:

Before Purchase

Prospects discover the value of a brand during the stages of awareness, engagement, and evaluation. Getting your customer’s attention from the beginning is one of the most important parts of customer journey maps.


Describes the moment when a prospect first learns about your brand. When a brand is at the awareness stage, it must demonstrate how it can meet the needs and prospects’ goals.

In this case, the touchpoints are:

You can capture your prospects’ attention through all of these customer journey touchpoints. After gaining their attention, it is important to nurture and engage them with additional product and service information. 


In addition to following your brand on social media, opting into a newsletter, reading your blog, or trying promotional items, prospects may also sign up for a newsletter if they find it interesting. Brands need to show prospects what makes their offerings unique and guide them toward them. Great engagement and exceptional customer care go hand-in-hand with excellent customer experience.

In this case, the touchpoints are:

Using these customer journey touchpoints, you can show the value you bring to your prospects.


This stage allows your prospects to compare your brand with others to determine whether it’s a good fit for them. You may also receive communication from them asking them for advice or consultation on the products or services that you sell. You should also pay attention to other touchpoints besides sales representatives.

In this case, the touchpoints are:

Your prospects are more likely to move on to the next customer journey touchpoints if you do your homework.

During purchase

A prospect may become a customer here. A simple purchase process and intuitive tools are all they need to make their purchase once they have chosen your brand. You can guide them in the following ways:

After purchase

Customer journey maps do not end after purchase but can start a new relationship with the customer. Loyalty may be gained or lost based on post-purchase experiences.

In this case, the touchpoints are:

Why You Should Care About Customer Journey Touchpoints?

The customer of today expects brands to anticipate their needs before searching for them. With personalized techniques, a brand is more likely to be noticed by a customer and chosen over its competitors.

To accomplish this, you should make sure that all customer journey touchpoints are relevant, endearing, appropriate, and meaningful.


Understanding customer preferences and expectations require a complete touchpoint analysis across all three stages: before, during, and after purchase. It assists you in charting customer journeys and using them appropriately in order to provide a uniform support experience.

Mapping client journeys across digital touchpoints is critical as customers increasingly use digital channels. Hence, organizations need to focus more on the digital point of contact to create a fantastic service experience.

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