Which Is the Best Live Chat Software for a B2B Website?

Let’s discuss which software classifies as the best live chat software for B2B websites. It includes all the live chat features, compatibility with multiple platforms, etc.


Nowadays, everyone is moving towards online platforms, and human interaction is decreasing day by day. Whether they are B2C or B2B businesses, they are moving towards websites and other systems like mobile applications to increase the reach of their business and make it more productive. 

When launching a live chat, 60% of customers want an immediate answer. B2B businesses account for 61% of all live chat clients. B2C accounts for only 33% of the total. Live chat is used for sales by 74% of B2C companies and 85% of B2B companies.

One way to engage customers and visitors on the website is by embedding live chat software. In this article, you will get to know more about live chat software. 

What Is Live Chat Software? 

Live chat software allows business and website owners to connect to website visitors through chat mediums, be it video chat, voice chat, or normal text chat, on a real-time basis. Imagine it like Facebook messenger embedded in your website, allowing you to connect to your customers through text, voice, or video chats. 

Live chat software can be either proactive or reactive. 

Proactive chat software initiates the conversation through greetings or asking the website visitors if they need any kind of assistance. 

Reactive chat software is activated on the visitor’s demand; if they need any kind of help, they can activate live chat and ask for any kind of assistance. 

What Are the Benefits of Live Chat? 

Live chat software is a modern way of connecting to customers and is more advanced and efficient than phone or email support. 

  1. Live chat software can drastically reduce the response time and make the customer support team more efficient and reliable. 
  2. Live chat software is more cost-effective than phone support. Phone support can be expensive, considering the toll and service provider charges. 
  3. Customer query data gathered through live chat software can help the company to resolve multiple problems in relevant products and thus increase the credibility of the company. 
  4. Live chat software can help B2B companies to develop products and launch campaigns according to data collected by the live chat software and allows the companies to provide proactive support to their clients. 
  5. As human interaction has become minimum in the trading process, live chat support can help your clients to better connect to you, increasing customer satisfaction rates and average order value from your website.  

How Can You Embed Live Chat Software on Your Website?

Adding a live chat feature to your website is a pretty simple and easy process. Even if you don’t have any developer knowledge, many platforms like Temasys have helped automate the process of deploying chatbots or implementing chat software into a website, making it more convenient for users. 

With the help of such automated platforms, you can create and deploy your chat software through some easy steps. 

Google Analytics and Live Chat Support

With the help of Google analytics integration, you can have access to data storage and many kinds of data analytics tools for your live chat software. It can help you to automate several tasks, like sending greetings whenever someone accesses the chat feature. It helps collect important information about customer behavior on the website and tracks your interactions with visitors. 

Which Is the Best Live Chat Software?

Multiple live chat software for B2B websites are available, like Temasys’ Skylink Cube software, which allows you to add video chat and voice chat to your website and talk to your customers in real time. 

Temasys chat software allows you to get started with their services for free and allows you to deploy a Skylink cube is very simple and easy to follow steps

Here are some salient features of the Skylink Cube live chat software – 

  1. Skylink Cube allows you to add video calling API to your website to connect with your customers face to face on a real-time basis. 
  2. Skylink cube allows you to connect even through mobile and tablet devices running Android or iOS.
  3. The paid plan of Skylink cube comes in at a very affordable price which costs less than $1 per day, making it an absolute value for money product. 
  4. It helps your customers and website visitors to get in touch with the appropriate agent for any kind of assistance. 
  5. If you are running a WordPress website (CMS), Skylink software becomes the ultimate choice as they allow you to create tailored chat boxes according to your needs. 


Temasys Skylink Cube lives chat software provides a one-stop solution for chat-related issues. It is simple and easy to use for any kind of business, irrespective of the type of customer you are dealing with. It is the best replacement for human communication on a website. It is easy to set up as it doesn’t require developer knowledge to create and deploy a Skylink cube making it an ideal choice for the people. The Skylink live chat tool is also available for a free trial, and the free forever plan allows access to one-on-one video calls and unlimited messaging. 

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