What Is the Best WordPress Chat Widget Plugin?

Are you confused about which live chat widget plugin to add to your WordPress website? Here you’ll learn about the best chat plugins for WordPress websites.


People now prefer online stores over offline stores as the world is moving to online platforms. Now people tend to check the website of any business before making a purchase or connecting with them. As purchasing methods have changed, so have customer support and communication methods.

Live chat platforms have recently replaced Email, SMS, and phone call support. They have become more than just website tools for customer engagement. Live chat software is now used as customer support and service tools and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools for businesses of any size. They are now playing an important role in increasing the customer retention rates of any business.

WordPress is a powerful open-source project that allows everyone to self-host their website without learning any programming skills. Live chat plugins are used to increase the productivity of these WordPress-powered websites.

What Are the Benefits of Using Live Chat?

As most of the websites on the web are business-oriented, they need to stay connected with their customers all the time.

  1. Live chat is an efficient way of providing customer support at cost-effective prices. For small-sized businesses, live chat becomes an ideal solution for customer support.
  2. Live chat has become a useful way of increasing customer engagement on the website and helps to collect important data that can be used to find out the shortcoming in the product or service, study the customer behavior towards your business, etc.
  3. Live chat software help to reduce the response time to customer queries, which leaves a positive impact on your customers and helps to increase the average order value on your website.
  4. Having live chat support on websites assures your customers that somebody is always there to help and clear their doubts. This helps increase credibility and build customer trust in your company.

Best Live Chat Plugins for WordPress

Here is our list of the best live chat plugins that you can embed in your WordPress Website.

Temasys Skylink’s cube is one of the top solutions for live chat software because it is user-friendly and has a ton of capabilities. It provides a seamless voice and video chat experience. You can add live video and audio chat capabilities to your app or website for as little as $1 per day. Temasys’ live chat SDK is simple to set up, and knowledge of coding is not required.

Additionally, Skylink’s Instant Messaging service is free of charge. They’re providing it without charge to individuals who have a subscription to Skylink Cube Essentials in order to make it as convenient as possible for our consumers. It is the best WordPress chat plugin on our list.

2. Tidio Live Chat

It is one of the most popular live chat plugins for WordPress. You can deploy chatbots as well as live chat on your website and connect them with email integration so that managing the live chat plugin becomes easier for you.

Their chatbot is good enough to act as a virtual assistant on your website, available 24×7.

3. Facebook Messenger Plugin

We all know how good Facebook Messenger is regarding real-time messages and chatting. Everyone is familiar with messenger, and implementing the same on your website helps to build trust.

You can continue the conversation with your customers on the Messenger app after they leave your website.

When your live chat agents are unavailable, you can set up automated or canned responses for commonly asked questions.  

4. Pure chat

This live chat plugin allows you to customize the chat box according to the theme of your company. It is very easy to install and is compatible with both mobile and desktop platforms.

Your live chat agent doesn’t have to be online all the time. Instead, the free live chat plugin is smart enough to turn into to email-based form when it recognizes that everyone is away. It helps you to stay connected with your customers even when your team is offline.

You can also respond to customer queries through their mobile app, which is available on iOS and Android.


Given the current rate of development in the online business sector, it is safe to say that the future of businesses is going to be online. Instead of the store’s interiors, companies will now have to focus more on increasing productivity and improving the customer experience on their websites. Live chat plugins are one such way to improve the customer experience on the website and have helped companies to connect more easily with their customers.

With the help of tools such as WordPress, developing user-friendly websites has become much easier for businesses regardless of their size.

All of the plugins mentioned above allow adding live chat features to WordPress websites without learning any programming knowledge. Most of the above-mentioned chat plugins are free or come at very pocket-friendly prices.

With Temasys’ Skylink Cube, one can easily integrate live chat support features on the application or website without any use of codes. One can also opt for the free trial today! You can use it as a WordPress group chat plugin.

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