What Is the Best Live Enterprise Customer Chat Service?

This article will provide an overview of live chat, how it works, and what is the best live enterprise customer chat service. Let’s explore this in detail.


Sometimes customers want to speak to a live person for support. They might not be able to find what they need in your help documentation, or they might want to talk through an issue in real-time. Offering live chat online support can really take your customer experience to the next level.

Chat support usually has the highest levels of customer satisfaction, at 73%. That’s higher than email (61%) and phone (44%).

So, if you’re willing to offer support to your customers through live chat, we will tell you, what is the best live enterprise customer chat service? However, it is important to know how live chat works, the types of live chat tools, and how to choose live enterprise customer chat service for your business.

Live Chat: How Does It Work?

Live chat support tools are a great way to provide customer support. They allow customers to type in their question or issue and send it to your support team. The interaction on the customer’s end all takes place in the chat window, which makes it a quick and easy way to get help.

The best live chat software will provide real-time communication with your website visitors through a live chat widget. In addition, the software should allow you to schedule messages to be triggered when you are unavailable or when a user visits a specific page on your website. By using these features, you can ensure that you provide the best possible customer service.

Customer information might be included in a sidebar on the agent’s end to provide information about them.

Despite slight differences in appearance, most tools function as described above. You can even upload your company’s logo, use your brand colors and customize your live chat tool’s interface to show your website visitors.

An agent usually sets themselves as “active” in order to indicate a live person is available and ready to respond to any inquiries. A chat can be converted into an email conversation in the event that there isn’t a live agent available or if someone has been waiting a long time for a response. This is to ensure the message isn’t missed in the event that a live agent is unavailable.

Live Chat Tool Types

Live chat tools come in two forms: standalone options and platforms that include them as features or services.

Because a stand-alone tool has a singular focus, it’s likely to offer more comprehensive chat analytics than a chat tool that’s just one feature among many offered by another service. Additionally, stand-alone chat tools may have features like automation or artificial intelligence that other services’ chat tools don’t have.

The main benefit of using a chat tool included in another service is the added utility of the other platform tools. Also, depending on the platform, there’s the benefit of cost savings over a dedicated chat tool. For example, if you’re already paying for a customer relationship management (CRM) service, you might get a discount for adding to the chat function.

How to Choose Live Enterprise Customer Chat Service for Your Business?

When choosing a live enterprise customer chat service for your business, there are many things to consider. They are:

What’s needed? Having a good understanding of what you need from a new tool is helpful. Your support plan might include tiered levels, including chat. It could also be used for sales and support.

Do I already have anything? Ever bought jelly at the store, came home, and realized you had a half-full jar? Taking stock of your tools will help you avoid a similar situation.

How much can I afford? New tools are expensive for nearly every team. The price of something doesn’t matter much if you can’t afford it. As always, it is important to consider a product’s value and cost. It may be justified to pay a higher price for a more robust product even though it may be more expensive.

What Is the Best Live Enterprise Customer Chat Service?

Temasys offers the best live enterprise customer chat service. Temasys’ Skylink Cube provides no-code live chat and audio/video calling for your website. Your live agents can cater to the needs of your clients 24/7, skyrocketing your customer retention rate.


There are times when it is necessary to provide real-time support. If you want to offer live support to your customers, chat can be one of your best options. While finding the right solution for your team may seem daunting, it’s just as important to research when considering your options to make the best decision for your team.

If you’re a business looking to provide real-time support to your customer, Temasys’ live chat and telephone support systems aim to increase revenue and retain customers. In contrast, traditional customer service software focuses on addressing tickets and cases, thus limiting the ability to provide people-centered, personalized customer service. Temasys’ Global Communications Network offers industry-standard chat response time, which powers Skylink Cube.  

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