What Is the Best Live Chat Software for Business?

Live chat software is an effective tool for organizations and businesses. In this blog, let’s look at the features of the best chat software for a business.


As we live in the digital era, customers have come to expect businesses to be available 24/7 to answer their questions and solve any problems they may face. The chat support software enables businesses to offer customer support at all times without needing extra staff.  There are multiple free chat software for businesses and organizations that are available. Before selecting the chat software, we suggest you understand your business’s needs and requirements.

Read on to understand how to choose the best live chat software for websites.

How to Choose the Best Live Chat Software?

From enhancing customer experience to driving sales and increasing retention, live chat has essentially become the new way to communicate with and offer support to customers. Support professionals and customers have also noticed the importance of live chat software for a business. Based on recent studies, close to 41% of consumers choose live chat over other kinds of support, such as e-mail, social media, and phone. So let us understand the features of a live chat tool that you really need.

Like other software solutions, various live chat support tools have a huge list of features—some of which you may not need or even understand. Any software solution that you purchase is not as much about the features but more about what those features help your team achieve. The best live chat support should help your business to do the following three main things:

Just as your company and team are unique, your requirements too, are equally unique. But no matter the kind of business you are in, the following are the must-have features in free live chat software:

Which pages display your live chat box

The chat availability and welcome message

Automatic notifications and workflows, amongst other things

We recommend Skylink Cube from Temasys. This should be one of the first products to show up if you type in the keywords “live chat on the website free.” Installing Skylink Cube takes only a few minutes. It is the easiest and most efficient way to deploy human communications to websites and apps without the need to write any code.

Wrapping Up

Selecting the best free live chat software for your website is essential. Not only does it help your business provide support to your customers more efficiently, but it also has many other advantages. Hence, you need to select carefully and ensure that the software is the right fit for your organization.

Temasys Communications is one of the best free chat software for business providers. Its product, Skylink Cube solutions, is designed for today’s customer support teams. The full-featured tool offers all that a business requires, and it is flexible to scale and change with the team. Skylink Cube makes it extremely easy for organizations to enhance their customer experiences via its live chat, video, instant messaging, and many more services. Skylink Cube is the most direct, easiest, and simplest way that offers human interactions on your apps and website without a code.

You can ask for a demo to gain an understanding of how it works and can help enhance your business’s customer services. The Essentials subscription is free of cost and offers unlimited texting services on your website. 

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