What’s the Best Live Chat for Website Engagement?

Let’s learn why live chat is now an important part of customer service. Also, you’ll explore the features of the best live chat tool for website engagement.


The best live chat for website engagement is delivered by the live chat tools deemed to be the best-featured. Live chat is the tiny chat bubble at most websites’ bottom right corner. It is automated to greet website shoppers with questions, such as “How can I help you?” or “We are available to help you” as soon as they visit the webpage. 

Over 63% of customers say they are more inclined to purchase from websites with live chat widgets, and about 60% say they are more likely to return to a website that offers live chat.

Live chat integration to your online store can enable your business to interact, inspire and connect with potential shoppers and help convert them to buyers. All you need to do is install live chat to see your online business climb the success ladder. Read on to learn about the best live chat service for website engagement.

What Comprises the Best Live Chat Service?

When a website visitor or a customer has a complaint, question, or requires some other type of assistance, they typically expect to be able to reach your brand through a live chat free of cost. A live chat is also a lot more competent and effective for your support team. Service representatives can never field more than one call at a time; however, they can simultaneously have several live chat interactions. In general, live chat is more cost-effective and faster than any other customer interaction or communication form. With respect to consumer preferences, it ranks much higher than emails, phone calls, and social media.

As times change, the way we interact and communicate has changed, with most of us depending on online communication tools such as live chats, video conferencing apps, and so on. The best live chat for website engagement is the one that comprises all the essential features to provide an all-immersive human-to-human experience, for example, real-time IM (instant messaging), HD video and audio transmission, and so on.

Factors That Make for The Best Live Chat App

When deciding on which live chat service to invest in, you must consider the following factors:

The best live chat for website engagement must have all these above features.

There are multiple software and chat apps available for live interactions with customers. You can perform your research, select one that suits your needs best, and install it on your online store. We recommend Skylink Cube from Temasys – one of the best online live chat service providers. Installation of Skylink Cube takes only a couple of minutes. It is the most efficient and convenient way to deploy human interactions to apps and websites without the need to write any code.


Skylink Cube from Temasys is undoubtedly one of the best live chat service providers for website engagement. However, it takes proper effort and training to make live chat service a sustainable and effective form of customer service approach. Installing live chat software for websites needs careful preparation, planning, and intentional design so that it can work effectively.

Temasys Communications is one of the best online chat service providers in terms of offering HD live audio/video conferencing services.  Its product, Skylink Cube solutions, makes it extremely convenient and easy for online businesses and organizations to improve customer experiences via live voice, video, instant messaging, and more across all of their digital platforms. Skylink Cube is the easiest, most direct, and simplest software that provides human interactions on websites and apps without coding requirements. It can help you get set up, irrespective of your industry. You can ask for a demo to understand how it works and can help enhance your business’s customer services. You also get live chat free of cost for a lifetime!

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