What is a Real-Time Chat? ( Free Trial)

In this article, you’ll learn what real-time chat is and why real-time chat is beneficial for your business. Also, get a free trial of live chat SDK!


What is a real-time chat application? Live chat SDKs are deployable on websites to enable them to communicate with your website visitors immediately and effectively. Delivering convenient answers that customers want, real-time chat is a great way to add value to your company’s staff. As a result of live chat, businesses can build customers’ confidence while shopping.

It is important to add a human element to your website by allowing your site visitors to chat with you in real time using real-time chat API. Given the rapid responses, 79% of consumers prefer live chat help. Live chat offers the highest degree of customer satisfaction (73%), compared to 61% for email support and 44% for phone assistance.

How Can Real-time Chat Benefit Your Businesses and Organizations?

There are so many ways in which customers can get what they want fast, from instant purchases to overnight delivery. As customer expectations shifted towards customer service, live chat came to the front of the line, quickly becoming one of the most powerful tools businesses can use to engage their customers and provide real-time support for them.

But in recent years, live chat has evolved from a simple customer service tool to comprehensive marketing, sales, and relationship management tool. Live chat’s capability expanded as more businesses began using it, becoming more experience-driven than response-driven as a result. Live-chat-enabled businesses typically generate more conversions, higher customer satisfaction, and fewer abandonments.

Benefits of Real-time Chat

Listed below are some of the core benefits that customers experience through real-time chat:

The prospects thinking of purchasing a product or availing of service might have questions while browsing the business website. The best way to help them is to have them take a demo. There are a lot of demo buttons on websites today, and there are a lot of forms, leaving prospects with little interest in a product. It is possible to provide instant answers to your website visitors through live chat support while they are still on your website, actively considering making a purchase. There are even live chat tools that enable you to share your calendar with your prospects so they can schedule a convenient time. If used as standby sales assistants, live chat can be a powerful tool in driving conversions and sales, as it is both helpful and unobtrusive at the same time.

You want to be able to respond quickly to your customers when they call during their lunch break or when a website visitor contacts you with a product inquiry. Your customers aren’t interested in spending a lot of time on the phone with your company; they want quick answers to their questions. In the case of live chat, customers can connect with a live chat agent much faster than any other contact method and initiate a discussion with them in real time, which solves the need for immediate interaction.

Nowadays, you can collect quality customer data using dedicated tools. You do not need a live chat to understand your customer’s buying behavior, but it can provide additional insights. How were customers able to find your website? What’s the reason they haven’t booked a demo yet? What is the customer doing on your website? Are they just browsing? It is only a matter of asking. You can gain fresh perspectives from these potential new customers. In addition, this data can be used to optimize live chat so that customers have a better experience.

For instance, if most of your customers are just browsing, you probably initiated the chat too early. Customer pain points can be seen up close by using live chat services. Your product is designed in a way to meet the desired outcomes, so you know what needs to be fixed.

Customer and prospect communication channels aren’t always convenient for you. Bringing support to them may be necessary. The use of social media by customers for product research makes live chat a more effective tool than waiting for them to contact you. The implementation and management of live chat and social media crossover may seem complex, but live chat integration has never been easier.

You can initiate conversations with customers via real-time chat by integrating it with social media messengers. Customer support is not the only use of live chat. Targeted messaging can be used to nurture potential audiences and retain them.


There is no doubt that a real-time chat is essential if you want to count on the market and be recognized by your customers as a company that knows its stuff. In this type of chat, the client can communicate quickly with the support team in order to get immediate answers to their questions, as well as solutions to their problems. By using real-time chat to assist your customers, you are able to reduce the number of abandoned carts as well as increase your conversion rate.

Temasys’ real-time live chat and telephone support systems enable customers to increase revenue and stay loyal to the company. In contrast, traditional customer service software focuses on addressing tickets and cases, thus limiting the ability to provide people-centered, personalized customer service. Temasys’ Global Communications Network offers industry-standard chat response time, which powers Skylink Cube.  

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