What Are the Top 5 Live Chat Application Providers Globally?

Are you willing to integrate a live chat service on your website? Read on to find out the top five live chat application providers globally and make a choice.


Using the best live chat software for websites, you will have the ability to manage customer service and sales requests online from one single platform, making it simple and easy to resolve customer issues.

The importance of customer service has vastly grown over the past few years. It is because companies are increasingly offering customer support through the internet, and customers expect rapid responses when they contact the company’s customer support department. There are several risks associated with businesses leaving customers waiting, including losing their business to competitors and damaging their reputation as a brand. 

A traditional way of handling a large volume of customer service requests has been to respond to them 24 hours a day and seven days a week, but that has not always been the case. Companies can talk to their customers in real-time using a live chat application but don’t have to wait until the next day. They can also automate responses to many of the most common questions and requests that customers ask through this software. 

In the beginning, it may seem as if setting up the best live chat app would be a lengthy, expensive, and time-consuming process. However, in today’s world, there are actually lots of ways of doing it that are faster and easier than you might expect. One such way is to choose the best live chat application.

Top 5 Live Chat Application Providers Globally

Let’s explore the top five live chat applications that you can consider deploying to your website:

As one of the best live chat software options, Temasys Skylink’s cube is easy to use and offers a lot of features. It offers an audio and video chat experience without any downtime. For as low as $1 a day, you can integrate live video and audio chat features into your app or website. Live chat SDK from Temasys is easy to deploy. There is no need for coding knowledge.

What’s more, you do not need to pay a dime for Skylink’s Instant Messaging service. In order to make it as convenient as possible for our customers, they’re offering it free of charge to those who have subscribed to Skylink Cube Essentials.

For businesses without the budget to pay for a comprehensive live chat application solution, HubSpot offers a completely free option.

Customers and other website visitors can initiate live chats using HubSpot Live Chat. You can easily redirect someone whose request is better suited to another team if you start chatting with them.

Live chat widgets can be customized with your business branding that targets specific audiences. You can refer back to a centralized inbox for future reference every time you engage in a live chat.

Even though HubSpot’s free live chat application software is somewhat limited, its paid marketing and content plans could help you integrate your live chat functionality into a single CRM software.

The Zendesk platform enables real-time chats with customers, targeted chats based on customer behavior, the ability to send files via chat, the ability to ask customers to rate chats, as well as the ability to track and analyze all live chats across your company.

Besides Zendesk’s powerful chatbot, it also comes with a lot of useful features. The chatbot will automatically answer frequently asked questions from your customers, which will allow you to respond to them outside working hours.

Zendesk offers a comprehensive live chat application solution, and it’s one of the largest and best-known companies in the customer service software.

With LiveAgent, you can combine a strong live chat solution with a powerful help desk system.

This app enhances your business website or app with live chat and email ticketing features. With live chat, you can automate the process of answering frequently asked questions, send surveys to get customer feedback, assign different support agents to chats, configure multiple chat boxes (depending on your plan), and more. 

Additionally, the platform includes a ticketing system with features such as auto-routing, assigning tickets to teams and agents, and transferring tickets.

ClickDesk offers video or voice calls to customers in addition to text-based live messaging, unlike most other providers in this list.

Using ClickDesk, businesses can easily and quickly implement voice and video chat on their websites. Using video and voice calls with customers does not require any software download. 

It offers a text-based live chat as well as video and voice calling. As well as using smartphones, tablets, and computers, you can send custom greetings and ask customers for their names, emails, and messages before starting a live chat.


So now you finally have a clear view of the top five live chat application providers globally. With the help of these service providers, one can easily integrate the live chat service on their application or website easily without any hassle.

With Temasys’ Skylink Cube, one can easily integrate live chat support features on the application or website without any use of codes. One can also opt for the free trial today!

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