What are some Live Web Chat APIs available?

Are you interested in learning about web chat APIs? Read along to learn what is a web chat API, its benefits, and some of the best web chat APIs available.


Web chat APIs are a great way to integrate live chat functions on your websites. They can be used for customer service, sales, and marketing. Live web chat API allows you to build a custom chat interface for your customers, so they don’t have to leave the page or tab where they are browsing your site.

Live web chat API allows businesses with little or no coding knowledge (or budget) the ability to create a custom solution that fits their needs perfectly. This is especially important when it comes time for them or their clients/customers who may not be tech-savvy enough after making an order through your site’s shopping cart section before purchasing goods/services over another platform like Facebook Messenger etc.

One of the great features of using free chat APIs is that they’re an alternative to a third-party chat tool. Instead of having to deal with technical issues on your own, these services can handle it all for you. And with so many different types available (like customer service bots or customer service software), there’s something out there that’ll work no matter what industry you’re in or type of business model.

What are web chat API’s benefits?

Web chat APIs are a great solution for integrating chat functionality into your application. They are easy to integrate, cheap, fast, and real-time.

Web chat APIs have the following benefits:

What are some web chat APIs available?

You can use these live web chat APIs to develop your platform for messaging to offer a real-time customer experience via a live agent.

WeChat API: This is a powerful real-time messaging API that allows developers to integrate their apps with WeChat. It provides features like group chats and voice calls, but it also has its own SDK, so you can access the full power of the platform without having to write any code yourself. In addition, there are multiple integrations available depending on what kind of data you’ll need from your application (like friends’ contact information).

WhatsApp Business API: This live web chat API service provides all of the same functionality as WeChat above—but instead of being integrated into a mobile device or desktop app, it works directly with WhatsApp Messenger. This means that once installed onto an end user’s device, they’ll be able to make calls using our service just like if they were using another messenger client such as Hangouts or Telegram Desktop Client, and all at no extra cost! 

Google Chat API: It is a platform that lets developers build real-time communication experiences with their users. They can integrate chat functionality into apps for Android, iOS, and the web. This makes it easier than ever before to engage customers by providing them with instant access to your product or service whenever they need it.

Mirrorfly Chat SDK & Messaging API: It is a live web chat API solution designed specifically to help developers add chat functionality to their applications. The service offers messaging APIs and SDKs that work on mobile devices, web browsers, desktop computers, and other platforms. In addition, Mirrorfly also provides sample source code so you can get started quickly without having any coding knowledge.


Temasys web chat APIs have become a popular way for businesses to engage their customers. Experts are available 24/7 to help you create simple chat apps that allow users to interact with each other without having to leave the app or website they are on. You can avail of live chat service support offered by a live agent from Temasys. This makes it easy for users who are not tech savvy, as well as people who prefer web chat over video calls, because they can still participate in the conversation without technology getting in the way!

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