What Are Some Live Chat Best Practices?

Are you looking for ways to improve your live chat customer service? Check out these live chat best practices for delivering exceptional customer service.


There are many benefits to implementing live chat on your website, including increased conversion rates, improved customer satisfaction, and reduced churn rates. By offering a more convenient and efficient way for customers to get help and support, ready-to-use live chat scripts can make a big difference in the success of your organization. This article will discuss some of the top live chat best practices.

Live Chat Best Practices

Listed below are some of the top live chat best practices:

Make Sure the Live Chat Window Is Strategically Placed

To optimize your customer’s experience with live chat, integrate it onto the right side of the page. Studies show that when a person’s eyes reach a webpage, their gaze is naturally drawn to the right side first. In addition, the live chat button should be conspicuous but not too obtrusive. Use a small, bright button that launches the chat window when clicked. This will grab the attention of potential customers without them having to search for it on the page.

Begin by Grabbing the Attention of Your Customers

It’s essential that you take measures to keep your customers engaged when they visit your website, or you risk losing them entirely. Thankfully, there is a way to do this. By automating your live chat tool, you can proactively approach customers and address any issues they may have before they even have a chance to become frustrated. This will grab their attention and make sure that they have a positive experience on your website, increasing the likelihood that they’ll come back in the future.

Give Your Live Chat a Human Touch by Personalizing It

Personalizing your ready-to-use live chat scripts and giving them a human touch is an important live chat best practice. Creating a human touch to your live chat is an important aspect of making it more effective. In order to accomplish this, you could show pictures of actual team members and use their real names in the chat. As a business, this enhances your reputation as a trustworthy organization, and it makes it easier for customers to get in touch with you.

Timely Response

Despite this digital age, an astonishing 75 percent of customers still feel that it takes too long to reach an agent when they need customer support. Unfortunately, slow response times often lead to high abandonment rates. But there is a solution – live chat. 

Live chat allows you to reduce your average response time down to seconds, impressing customers with your professionalism and responsiveness. Additionally, agents can proactively initiate conversations with customers and suggest products based on their purchasing behavior – furthering the idea that you care about their individual needs.

By utilizing live chat in your customer support arsenal, you can provide an impressive level of service that will leave customers satisfied and coming back for more.

Aim to Encourage the Adoption of Self-service.

Having a knowledge or base help center integrated into your live chat system has multiple benefits for your support team. It gives agents quick and easy access to a wealth of relevant information that can help them solve customer inquiries more effectively. Even if agents can’t solve the problem entirely, they can still provide some level of support by instantly directing customers to the appropriate help document. This not only saves time for both the customer and agent but also reduces frustration levels for everyone involved.

Customer Satisfaction Should Be Prioritized

Satisfying your customer with your services is one of the top live chat best practices. Increasing customer retention and satisfaction is the goal of the customer service team. In order to achieve this goal, it is crucial that you end a live chat conversation in a professional manner. Towards the end of your conversation, you should ask the customer if they need any further assistance.

In addition, after a few weeks, you might want to send them a message and check to see if everything is still okay with them. By doing this, you’ll be able to boost your customer’s satisfaction and show that you’re again proactive in your efforts.

Live Chat Greeting Examples

Some of the unique and frequently used live chat responses examples are mentioned below:

We are open throughout business hours every day.

We are open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.”

Thank you very much for your message! “We will respond within 24 hours.” Hello there. Welcome to [company].

“Hi! “It’s great to see you here.” Hello there. Thank you for buying at [company name].


So now you might have a clear view of the top live chat best practices. Through live chat, you are able to communicate with your customers and prospects in real-time, allowing you to assist them more quickly, understand them better, and build a human connection between you and them that may be difficult to accomplish by email. 

With Temasys’ Skylink Cube, a live chat and customer support tool, you can give your customers the peace of mind they need when purchasing a product from you. Their customer care team will always be able to assist you in addressing customer concerns or questions. Thus, creating an experience that is memorable for the customer!

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