How to Use Live Chat in Your Sales Funnel?

The use of live chat as a customer care and support tool is not new. However, it has recently come into the limelight and expanded because of its tremendous potential to convert qualified leads into sales.

It can engage users in real-time chat, gather qualified leads, and boost conversions. When used as a sales tool, live chat increases conversion while streamlining and condensing the sales process.

We’ll concentrate on how a live chat sales funnel functions, how it differs from conventional ones, and how to improve it.

Live Chat Software Gives a Human Touch to Your Sales Calls

Gaining the trust of a visitor looking at your website is one of the most crucial aspects of producing sales because online purchasing may be very tough. Many customers will stop purchasing midway through because they aren’t confident in the level of service or are concerned about the security of the transaction. It is particularly true for brand-new websites just starting in the online world.

Adding a live chat program helps solve this problem. Many times, a website visitor may not be able to trust it, but after speaking with a person operator, they become more confident in the company’s legitimacy. Live chat in your sales funnel can increase customer engagement and raise conversion rates.

The following options are not available with the traditional funnel, in contrast to the live chat sales funnel:

Having said that, implementing and maintaining a live chat sales funnel is insufficient. You also need to be familiar with how to create live chat in your sales funnel.

Four Steps on How to Use Live Chat in Your Sales Funnel


The first step a company takes to get people into their sales funnel is awareness. The first step is determining a potential issue your clients may be experiencing and providing a remedy.


When someone gives you their email address, this stage starts, known as obtaining a lead, it is the first step in leading visitors down the funnel, where they will receive further updates via onboarding emails.


The choice is the pinnacle of every sales funnel. Throughout this phase, your objective should be to influence people’s decisions by utilizing various strategies positively.

The hardest aspect of the sales funnel is the decision. Your objective in this channel is to influence people’s choices to buy. 


The final stage, which counts conversions, reflects the effectiveness of your chat sales funnel. Either your leads will leave, or they will purchase the goods.

Implementation of Live Chat in Your Sales Funnel

An essential but difficult task is sales funnel optimization. The funnel will leak if even a single step is delayed. One of the best things you can do here is to add the live chat in your sales funnel. Live chat is pivoted exactly where “Interest” and “Decision” meet in the conventional sales funnel.

A visitor to your website who is interested in what you offer and browsing through it could have a few queries up his sleeve. As a result, they want the questions to be addressed before they are prepared to purchase. Your sales team should address every pre-sale query a consumer has.

How Might the Live Chat Feature on Your Website Increase Conversions?

Live chat on your website can significantly maximize conversions in seven different ways, which are:


The findings show that integrating live chat capabilities onto your website can enhance its online presence. Most customers now anticipate your firm to be open around-the-clock. Like any other aspect of marketing, the success of implementing live chat assistance depends on your approach when putting it into practice.

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