Tips and Tricks to Communicating Effectively with Your Virtual Assistant

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Virtual assistants are valuable freelance workers who can help your business grow drastically. They can help busy business owners, entrepreneurs, or companies to manage their services uninterruptedly even when the owners are not working. However, managing virtual assistants can be challenging, and it is your duty to ensure that a virtual assistant can work productively in your company and become an integral member of your team. This article will help you discover the right approach to communicating effectively with live chat.

How to Improve Texting Communication With These Interesting Chatting Tips?

There can be technical constraints to working with remote virtual assistants, especially challenges related to the relationship between the virtual assistants and your clients. In order to achieve a state of harmony, you need to implement good communication skills and make your virtual assistant feel like a team member. Here are some tips for chat handling skills in a live chat process flow.

Make Use of Visual Communication 

One of the best ways to build a great relationship with virtual assistants is to try communicating effectively with live chat, visually and verbally. For example, when you communicate with your virtual assistant on Skype, use the facility of video calling rather than using only the voice facility. You do not need extra effort; rather, you and your virtual assistant will use half of the communication capacity through the video calling facility.

Ensure that You Communicate Regularly

You must regularly communicate with your virtual assistant, not only when you need a progress update or a few instructions to share with the virtual assistant. A daily or weekly call can eliminate the remote element of working between you and your virtual assistant. This will also enable you to develop a rapport as much as the one you would have had with an office team member.

Do Not Hold Back Being Afraid of Over-communication

Over-communication is always appreciated when you start with an outsourcing arrangement. It is okay to check or double-check with your VAs over time and assess their understanding of your company’s requirements. Since you are the customer, you can be necessarily inquisitive of the services.

Make Use of the Three-question Technique

If you set your mind to commit to a daily Skype video call with your VA, it is not necessary to have a long conversation. Follow these three questions to learn about your virtual assistant’s progress and allow your assistant to explain any concerning events. The questions are-

Use Instant Communication Platforms

Emails are no longer an effective and fastest way for VA communication. Instead of sending emails to your Virtual Assistants, make use of online communication tools such as Google Hangout, Skype, Slack, and so on for timely project management.

Be Organised With Emails

Some communications need the facility of email. While sharing information via email, it is necessary to follow the one email, one topic method as this will ensure that you get the hang of easy email organization and eliminate unnecessary confusion emerging from multi-topic messages.

Provide Feedbacks Often 

Virtual Assistants feel at ease and can easily rectify their mistakes if their clients provide frequent feedback. However, the clients only communicate with feedback once the task is completed or if they want any changes to be made to the project. Yet if you can offer objective and specific feedback, it can hugely impact the performance of any VA. This not only affects the results with drastic improvements but also builds a great working relationship with your virtual assistant or team of virtual assistants. This ensures effective future delegation of critical projects and activities.

Ask for Feedback

Feedbacks are most effective when they are two-directional. Virtual assistants might not always be willing to share feedback voluntarily. Therefore it is the duty of the clients to ask for feedback to benefit your business. Ask your Virtual Assistant to provide feedback regarding your communication method and build a strong relationship. 

Share Your Calendar

Make sure your virtual assistant knows the right time to contact you by sharing your personal online calendar. Your virtual assistant will be able to make informed decisions by checking your availability every now and then and might decide upon calling or messaging you. This will ensure that there is no waste of time. You can keep your calendar updated with time slots marked as ‘do not disturb’ or ‘available to contact’ and like.


Hiring a virtual assistant will only be fruitful if effective communication with your virtual assistant is built. You can communicate with them and enable them with ready-to-use live chat scripts or help build chat handling skills to ensure they can craftily handle the tasks. However, without proper communication, it is impossible for them to identify these needs. Follow these tips for building chat handling skills, effective live chat process flow, etc., in your Virtual assistant and make the best use of their skills.

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