The Ultimate Guide for Better Real-time Service

Improve your live chat real-time services and make your customer service efficient. Learn how to use live chat to provide better real-time customer service.


Customer service is increasingly being provided through live chat. This is because live chat real-time services offer a customer service fast, personal touch. It’s still possible for companies to improve 247 live chat support services by trying new solutions or making improvements.

Here are all the things you need to know about getting the most from live chat and choosing the right technology.

Live chat: What Is It?

A live chat application or platform facilitates real-time, online communication through writing messages. Live chat widgets appear at the bottom right of web pages. There is also the possibility of businesses offering live chat real-time services within their mobile apps.

Using a website to reach out to customer service agents is a great way of providing rapid service to customers.

Live chat: Benefits

No matter how you use live chat real-time services on your website or app, there are numerous benefits to having it as a part of your business. Some of the most common ones that we encounter are as follows:

Due to the fact that live chat allows for real-time communication, it reduces response times compared to channels such as email.

Multiple chats can be handled at the same time by the agents. There is a significant reduction in service costs for this type of service as opposed to telephone calls, which have to be handled one at a time and provide a lower level of service.

To increase conversion rates, you can use live chat to help your business provide immediate answers to your customers’ questions to help them complete a transaction. Assume that a customer wants to purchase an item but is unsure about the delivery in his area or the cost of shipping to their location. Chatting allows them to get answers to their questions immediately, without the need to leave the site without making a purchase.

Live Chat Types: What Can You Do With Them?

Whether you would like to employ live chat as part of your customer service strategy or how you can make it even more effective, here are some of the best live chat customer service examples from which you can take inspiration:

Live chat is a powerful sales tool that can be used both proactive as well as reactively. For example, a live chat agent may pop up on the screen while a customer is browsing an item they are interested in and ask them if they need any assistance with their order. However, even if you do not intend to use live chat proactively, you can still use it to provide a quick response should a customer need it in the future.

The use case described here is quite common. The live chat widget makes contacting support much easier for users. When they encounter an issue, they can drop a question into the widget without wasting time looking for email addresses or phone numbers for support. Among the questions that might arise from these discussions are the availability of products and returns on orders, the prices in the stores, as well as the times when the stores are open.

You can use live chat real-time services to collect opinions, demographics, or any other information that you wish to find out about your visitors. For example, most chat platforms allow you to create various forms before and after a chat in order to collect data. 

It’s a great idea to use pre-chat forms so you can collect information about the customer or the reason they’re contacting you, so the right people in your team can handle the appropriate conversation.

Live chat conversations do not always have to immediately result in a sale or an action being taken as a result of the conversation. Make sure that you treat it as a crucial step in the customer journey. Even if you don’t plan on selling anything on your website, your agents can assist customers in getting the information they need or help them navigate your site more effectively through live chat.


You can engage your customers in a variety of ways, including chat. However, it is still one of the most important ones. By using instant messaging, you are able to establish instant conversations with your customers and prevent them from leaving your site dissatisfied. Regardless of what tech stack you use, make sure you train your team to be champions of live chat by ensuring they have the right tech stack.

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