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If you are looking for live chat email templates that can ease your marketing journey, follow along to find out sample email templates for customer service.


With worldwide technological advancement, emails have become essential to marketing and business industries. Due to the growing popularity and ease of emails, it is necessary to be ready with professional email templates that can enable you to respond to various queries promptly. This article will help you with some live chat email templates and sample email templates for customer service, as well as guide you to maintain your templates over time. 

Last year, 54% of customers used email for customer care. Email is the most popular digital channel for customer support, states The Email Marketing Review, 2022, by Forrester.

Variety in Emails 

It is always better to be able to respond to an email whenever you want to. The open time frame determines the kind of email responses you might avail of and leverages the most popular email responses- the follow-up email or check-in email. These email templates should be ready to go when you need to fetch a long-awaited response from your potential client. The following templates are some commonly used emails for business and branding.

Live Chat Email Templates 

Greetings < Customer Name>,

Thank you for reaching out about <the issue> in the chat.

A member of our customer support team has been assigned to look into your request and will soon get in touch with you.

If you have any additional queries or updates, feel free to reply to this email or simply contact us at <alternate contact information>.


<Your Name>

Company name, Position

More Information Needed Email Template

Hi <Customer Name>,

Thank you for reaching us about <the issue>.

However, to better assist you, we need some additional information.

<List relevant questions>

Please reply to this email with your answers so that a member of our company can get back to you and help you out.

Best regards,

<Your name>

Company name, Position

Follow-up Email Template (No Response) 

Hi <Customer Name>,

Things can get really busy, so I’m reaching out in case you missed the previous email about <the issue>.

<The previous email>

Best regards,

<Your name>

The company, job position

Customer Service Email Templates for Tough Situations

Hi <Customer name>,

I am really sorry to hear about your poor experience with our service and that you no longer want to deal with us. We have always prioritized customer satisfaction, and I’m sorry to have not demonstrated that clearly. 

As much as I hate to see you go, I understand how upsetting the situation must have been. I apologize again for the trouble we have unknowingly caused you. Good luck with your business, and I wish you all the best.

Let me know if I can assist you in any other way possible. 

Best regards,

<Your name>

The company, job position

Customer Complaint Email Sample Template

Dear <Customer>,

I am sincerely sorry to hear that <a summary of their poor experience>. It should never have happened, and I understand the frustration you might have had. I will definitely relay this message to the responsible department. 

We are prioritizing resolving <the issue regarding the company, product, or service that concerned them>. Our team is handling the problem, and I will let you know once resolved.

Let me know if you have any more comments, questions or concerns.


<Your name>

The company, job position

Technical Support Email Template

Hey <Customer>,

Thanks for reaching out! I’d be more than happy to provide you with technical support.

Before we can help you any further, can you please give me a little more context on the current situation? When did the issue happen? Does it happen on and off, or has this been occurring consistently? Have you tried any specific solutions?

Please reply with the answers to these questions at this email address so I can quickly assist you with a more personalized solution to your issue.


<Your name>

The company name, job position

Apart from these templates, you can also customize the Free Trial Email template, Thank you Email template, Keep In Touch email template, etc., to offer your customers the best services in various scenarios. 


As a service provider, it is always necessary to identify the customer’s pain points and ensure that the customers are provided with the necessary support. At times you need to take care of numerous complaints and respond to the customers right away. Therefore, you should be ready with a customer support team who can use these email templates and provide great customer service and build remarkable customer relationships. 

Utilize these live chat email templates to provide a positive experience to your customers and gain new customers within a small amount of time. Also, do check out Temasys’ Skylink Cube live chat solution for effective customer service support via live chat. HD audio/video conferencing capabilities with unlimited free texting for you!

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