What Is a Live Chat Software: Features and Benefits


Live chat software is an instant messenger service that provides immediate client support and information. It enables businesses to engage with website visitors in real time through chat windows. It amplifies the ability of live chat support to quickly and comfortably respond to user queries about products or website navigation.

Top Five Features of Live Chat Software

1. Chat Solution 

Live agents can assist customers with queries or issues by using pop-up chat windows. Support staff members are available when visitors proactively contact them. Other chat solutions could be in the form of interactive chat notifications. Support staff members can utilize live chat software to reply to inquiries by the consumer. 

Live chat helps to interact with leads without contacting them via phone or email. Additionally, engaging with prospective students over the web is gaining popularity in the education sector. Live chat software for websites benefits platforms like e-commerce and helpdesk software applications.

2. Chatbots

A live representative can’t be present all the time; therefore, chatbots are helpful for the times a customer support representative is not present. A chatbot is a computer program that can conduct a conversation with a consumer on your website. They are useful for handling repetitive inquiries independently, like answering common questions. After that, the chat is transferred to live agents for more complicated questions. Chatbots help to scale and serve more clients more effectively.

3. Proactive Speech

It is a method where agents or sales representatives can initiate a conversation with dialogue for a person browsing through the website. Additionally, you may configure triggers to start a discussion with a consumer, and it could further promote and facilitate sales on a website.

Smart triggers are a set of words uploaded in software that occur according to the situation. If a website visitor spends a specific amount of time on a particular website, you could use smart trigger software that prompts your website’s live chat window to appear with a pre-written message.

4. Queue Management

When all of your agents are busy, queue management enables you to communicate with and prioritize waiting customers. It is a feature helpful in situations of increased web traffic through automatic or manual conversation routing. In some situations, even a chatbot communicates with clients in line. It also helps to limit the length of an agent’s waiting line and set queue limitations.

5. Automated Responses

In this feature, there is the prewritten text format in the form of automated responses prepared to keep automated responses ready on certain occasions. These are usually built by encountering a certain type of situation since there are so many typical queries in various circumstances. 

Live Chat for Small Business 

Getting Chat software for business might be one of the biggest steps you can take as a small business to put customers in charge. You can put to use live chat has other advantages besides merely giving your consumers immediate assistance.  According to a source, “Around 44% of online consumers say that having questions answered by a live person while in the middle of an online purchase is the best feature a website can offer.’’ 

Additionally, various free live chat software can help you differentiate yourself from a competitor. Live chat helps to enhance the customer experience. 

Google Analytics and Live Chat Software

Google Analytics integration offers data storage and analytical tools for many chats you have had, post-chat surveys that were shown, or automated greetings that you have sent in live chat software. It also helps to keep track of interactions between visitors and your website. Google Analytics also helps in the following:

Benefits of Live Chat 

Following are the key benefits you can derive from integrating your website with live chat software:


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