Is Live Chat Safe and Does Live Chat Increase Sales?

In this blog, you’ll find out about live chat vs. phone support difference and does live chat increase sales. You’ll also learn about the best live chat tool.


Consumers now favor live chat above other communication channels when interacting with businesses. Consumers will feel appreciated if you answer their queries and problems swiftly and effectively which will enhance both sales and client retention. 

Any business that provides better customer service sees higher revenues and higher customer retention. Live chat had the highest customer satisfaction rate of any support channel, according to eDigital, at 73%. Co-browsing is one of the functions offered by live chat services. The customer’s screen is visible to the agent thanks to this. It’s the same as having a helpful salesperson walk a consumer through the goods and services in a store. It increases engagement while also fostering trust between the customer and the business. Sales increase and brand loyalty are correlated with content customers.

Is Live Chat Safe?

The necessity to take digital security seriously has become more apparent as platforms for data gathering and customer service become more centralized. To keep you and your customer safe across all customer care channels you support, your live chat provider needs to have all the necessary security measures.

Does Live Chat Increase Sales?

If you need a new strategy for growing your business, live chat might be the answer. Just having a live chat option on your website can drastically boost sales. Customers are more likely to purchase if a company offers a live chat service. A study by Emarketer found that 63% of consumers were more likely to visit a website again after chatting in real time, demonstrating the effectiveness of this strategy. According to a Kayako survey, 79% of firms reported that live chat boosted client loyalty, income, and sales. When comparing sales from customers who interacted with a salesperson before making a purchase, Forrester found a 10% boost in average orders. So, does live chat increase sales? It does!

Advantages of Online Chat

Listed below are some of the key advantages of online chat:

Live chat is gaining popularity despite being around since the 1970s. This growing usage is because more than half of all customers prefer to communicate with a company online and in real-time rather than over the phone. This kind of quick communication has changed how organizations interact with their customers. Not just phone help but also other digital methods are being replaced by live chat. So, when it comes to live chat vs. phone support, live chat wins the battle!

Proactive chat triggers allow you to send customized messages to potential customers who require information about a product or price to make a purchase decision. Through client loyalty, a live chat feature for sales experiences between a business and its audience helps to produce more leads.

Because of its quick reaction times, live chat is one of the most popular mediums. One of the essential components of excellent customer service is prompt response. Prompt and efficient customer service will boost sales and repeat business. With the use of live chat, which enables clients to interact with salespeople and receive immediate responses, quick sales decisions can be made.

Temasys Skylink Cube takes the responsibility to protect the privacy of your data very seriously. To begin with, we only gather personal data from our customers when we deem it necessary to deliver the service. Although we do not collect or keep personal information from our customers’ end users, they are free to do so by their terms of service and privacy policies. 

Additionally, Temasys uses administrative and electronic methods to protect the personal information we have about our clients from being misused, illegally altered, accidentally lost, leaked, or destroyed, as well as other nefarious activities. We also take measures to erase your Private Information or retain it in a way that makes it difficult to identify you, unless we are required by law to keep it for an extended length of time. 

The types of products and services you have purchased or obtained from Temasys, the nature and duration of our relationship with you, the likelihood that you will decide to use our products or services again, and the effect of the removal of some data from or about you would have on the services we provide to you, and the limitations period are all taken into account when determining the retention period. You will be notified via email or posting on our site or service of any legally necessary disclosures of any breach of the security, confidentiality, or integrity of your insecure electronically stored Personal Information. 

If there are major changes made that affect your rights, we will use commercially reasonable efforts to tell you by email or by displaying a pop-up or other similar message when you access the Service for the first time.


Live chat is becoming a necessary communication tool for every business. As chat usage rates for businesses are rising it won’t be long before all of your competitors are using it. When the live chat feature is used to its fullest potential, it may increase sales and revenue while also enabling speedier and more effective customer support. So, there’s your answer to “Does live chat increase sales?” We hope you found this blog informative and helpful.

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