Top Six Strategies to Help Improve Your Online Sales Through Live Chat


Have you ever wondered why shops have in-store assistants waiting everywhere to help customers? The customer already knows what they want to buy so they won’t need any help, right?

Actually, no! It is delightful as well as frustrating for customers to have so many options. They need help to cut through the clutter and make a buying decision. It is not as simple as putting an item in the cart and swiping their card. Even though websites have replaced shops, the need for assistance remains the same. With live chat, digital customers are offered in-web assistance with great success. The overall goal is to improve customer service.

Tips to Improve Online Sales With Live Chat

Here are some strategies that help increase online sales and improve customer service with live chat.

1. Prevent Drop-offs by Leveraging Real-time Engagement

Live chat agents connect with customers in real-time, understand their needs, and offer best-suited recommendations. It is the goal of every communication channel but is rarely achieved. Other channels limit service agents to attending one customer at a time. At the same time, agents cannot be on two calls or respond to multiple emails. Live chat allows agents to handle multiple chats simultaneously while ensuring even distribution of chats.

The average response time for live chat messages is 40 seconds for 80% of businesses. Answering customers’ query quickly helps create a positive impression on customers, and this also prevents them from leaving with unanswered questions. Live chat agents can transfer questions to the appropriate team even when the question doesn’t fall within their domain of expertise. You can take advantage of every opportunity with live chat. You’ll notice a dramatic efficiency in the efforts to improve customer service.

2. Assess High- and Low-potential Leads to Streamlining Sales Processes

Spending time on leads that won’t convert is something that happens to every salesperson once in a while. In sales, you must understand your customer’s needs. Return customers can provide you with this information. Talking to the person and understanding their intent is the first step in lead nurturing.

Live chat agents reduce sales rep slack by qualifying leads before they reach the sales funnel. The process of lead qualification involves identifying a lead’s conversion potential and its chances of conversion. A live chat and chatbot at the frontline can handle simple requests. So the sales team can focus on only high-quality leads. This way, marketers and sales teams can streamline their work by using live chat to improve customer service.

3. Identify potential customers and create targeted messaging plans

Often, customers have no idea what they want to buy or what they have saved in their cart. They may be browsing or comparing prices. It is still a good sign that they are browsing your website despite being non-high-quality leads.

You can actively reach out to these clients to improve customer service with live chat features. You can initiate live chat conversations based on event-based messages. You can turn hesitant leads into active ones by asking the right questions, following up timely, and providing individualized attention.

4. Help Customers Pick up Where They Left off with Omnichannel Benefits

Anyone who clicks on your brand name is a potential customer, no matter how they find you – on the web, on social media, or via your phone app. Customer engagement encompassing all channels is widely popular, allowing customers to switch between channels while they are in the middle of a transaction. A business can integrate Facebook Messenger with both internal and external channels via live chat.

In other words, you don’t have to limit the radar of your sales to your website. You can take advantage of every sales opportunity by meeting customers where they are. The next step is to remember where to lead the person if they abandon the website or cart and then visit Facebook.

5. Retarget Customers Based on Customer Profiling

Originally designed to replicate brick-and-mortar experiences on websites, live chat has evolved into much more. Live chat tools give you a tremendous advantage in terms of information. Making the best recommendations requires knowing more than just what customers say – their purchase history, buying behavior, preferences, and current needs. The process of creating portraits of customers based on their purchase history and past interactions is called customer profiling.

With live chat, you can track the customer journey for customer profiling and integrate CRM to access it when you need it. The average order value and recurring online purchases often increase when businesses have access to the context.

6. Establish Relationship-based Rather than Transactional Based Communication

As it involves human interaction, live chat is successful as a virtual communication medium. Live chat can be a great tool for increasing conversion rates and sales, but it doesn’t have to be limited to scoring leads. You can spark conversations with your website visitors using live chat. In a live chat, they can write reviews, submit feedback, and rate stars, but they can only address you face-to-face (or text-to-text).

Build long-term relationships with live chat rather than transactional relationships (based on single-sale, short-term value). A good way to do this is to shift from selling to empathetic conversations from time to time. You can guide customers on how to maximize the value of a product or service instead of just selling it. Sales will keep coming your way once you gain customers’ trust. To ensure sustained sales growth and improve customer service, use an analytics tool to measure that.


Selling is only the beginning – as the journey continues long after the sale. Knowing when to sell and support is also crucial. After successfully implementing live chat, create a sales process tailored to your industry type, customers, and priorities. A lot of B2C businesses and brands benefit from digital marketing and online sales with live chat.

Temasys Communications’ Skylink solutions simplify live voice, video, instant messaging, and more across all digital platforms. Your websites and apps can easily provide human communications with Skylink Cube integration. Any industry seeking to garner online and offline audiences can benefit from it.

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Q. How Can I Improve My Live Chat Service?

Ans. Following are the tips you can use to improve your live chat experience:

  1. Provide customers with an easy way to access live chat
  2. By responding quickly and by setting the right expectations
  3. Live chat support should be proactive
  4. Make sure customers know what you’re doing.

Q. Does Live Chat Increase Sales?

Ans. Yes, the live chat feature increases revenue per chat hour by 48% and conversion rates by 40%.

Q. What Are the Good Practices for an Online Chat?

Ans. Below are the good live chat practices.

Q. How Do You Convince Customers Through Chat?

Ans. Don’t make customers wait if you don’t know the answer. And immediately transfer the call to the right team.

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