How to Use Customer Support to Drive Content Marketing Ideas?

This article discusses how to use customer support to drive content marketing ideas and also explains “how do customer service and marketing work together?”


To begin with, we just need to understand “how do customer service and marketing work together?”. While marketing teams work hard to attract customers, customer support service teams keep them loyal. Here, we will explain how customer support can drive relevant content marketing examples and ideas to promote better results by incorporating customer support into your next content marketing campaign.

Including customer service from the beginning of your content marketing strategy will improve your chances of remaining on the same page. A positive customer service experience makes 94% of Indian shoppers more likely to make another purchase. 99% of customers are willing to pay more for companies that provide tailored and streamlined experiences. 73% of Indian businesses report having a three-year customer service strategic plan.

How Do Customer Service and Marketing Work Together to Benefit Your Company?

Marketing experts know that regular and consistently good quality content is the key to successful marketing. We have to keep on coming up with new and exciting ideas – and sometimes we get stuck! Therefore, you should use all the resources available to you.

The most valuable knowledge bank you have is your customers. They can answer the following questions:

Do your products serve a purpose?

Has anyone used them in a way you weren’t expecting?

Do you think the price is fair?

How can you keep happy customers returning instead of losing them to your competitors?

In marketing, who is responsible for connecting your customers with your business? Your customer service and support teams.

How Do Customer Service and Marketing Work Together to Align Their Goals?

The marketing message should be maintained across all activities and digital channels. More and more brands realize the importance of aligning all aspects of their business to offer their customers a cohesive experience.

The marketing team should align its goals with those of the customer service team and vice versa in order to ensure that each team has the same priorities. Negative reviews or a decrease in customer loyalty are two consequences of misalignment.

How Do Customer Service and Marketing Work Together for Customer Reviews and Testimonials?

Use your customer support team to connect with your clients. The member of this team who is going to deal directly with customers will have the best insight into which clients will be willing to submit testimonials and customer reviews and for which scenarios these testimonials will be most useful.

Marketing and promotion always benefit from customer stories. You might even consider using it over the long haul.

In-depth customer case studies may prove beneficial to your brand, depending on its niche. It could be written content or more creative forms such as infographics, videos, animations, etc.

How to Use Customer Support to Drive Content Marketing Ideas?

Knowledge bases, also known as help centres, contain information about common problems your customers might encounter.

Customers can easily resolve issues using self-service instead of contacting customer support, which reduces support tickets and frees up customer support experts to address more complex issues.

As soon as you develop a solid knowledge base, you can begin leveraging it as an essential resource to acquire and retain customers. Just as with other types of content, it is extremely important to keep knowledge base content on-brand.

Build a content strategy around the problems or pain points your customers are likely to face and gather answers under topics once you have chosen a commission content and marketing channel that addresses these problems in depth.

Marketing personas represent your target customers. It is important that they describe their motivations in detail. If you want to set your persona firmly in your mind, you can include demographic details, interests, traits, main pain points, and buying patterns. Some brands will use illustrations or photographs to help you envision the persona.

It is not enough to have a live chat service on your site or on your social media channels. Customers expect an instant reply when they use an instant messaging service. In the event that you cannot offer that, be clear about what hours you are available to help and when the customer can expect a response. While your customers wait, they can access your knowledge base. In addition to reducing bounce rates, this keeps prospects engaged even when they cannot speak with a representative immediately.

Marketing and customer service both benefit from personalization. Personalization ranges from using the customer’s name to tailoring responses based on what they’ve provided and how they’re reacting in real-time. It takes a friendly approach and personalized content to create a lasting relationship with a customer.


Customers are acquired and engaged throughout the sales process by the marketing team, but customer support teams help in keeping customer churn at bay by improving customer satisfaction. Creating amazing customer experiences and more personalized and tailored marketing content is possible when marketing and customer support work closely together.

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