How to Answer Course Queries With Live Chat?

This article will briefly overview how online courses with live chat can easily resolve customer queries. You’ll also learn live chat best practices here.


Multiple support requests are involved during online courses that can be handled with the live chat channel simultaneously, which means that online courses with live chat support can help resolve customer problems more quickly. However, managing multiple chats means you need to constantly switch contexts as you consider each customer’s issues and think about how to resolve them.

It is also important to remember that customers expect an immediate or as close to an immediate response as you can provide in the live chat process flow.

This article will discuss how online courses with live chat support can easily answer customer queries.

How Can Online Courses With Live Chat Resolve Customer Queries Easily?

In online courses with live chat, there are a few best practices you should follow when managing the chat queue and responding to individual chats in order to maintain excellent customer service and ensure customers have a satisfying experience during the live chat process flow.

In online courses with live chat support, you should ensure that the chat agents respond to the customer’s course-related queries promptly. If your customers wait too long, most likely, they will not be satisfied with the customer service interaction, even after you pick up the chat. Keep your customers in the loop, and don’t leave them hanging!

In online courses with live chat support, make sure you respond to course-related queries in a timely manner and keep the interaction length as short as possible. Customers are more satisfied with chat sessions that are shorter than those that are longer. An extended chat session does not indicate that there is a problem with the customer experience. Rather, it may suggest that a different channel would be more appropriate for the conversation in order to provide a better customer experience.

When dealing with online course-related queries through live chat support conversations, a reasonable amount of concurrent chats can be handled by you at a time. As you are handling many conversation threads at the same time, it is not only about your ability to keep track of several conversation threads at the same time but also about how long it takes for you to respond to each other.

In the same way as with emails and support tickets, customers often find it difficult to explain their online course-related problems in writing or express themselves clearly. Make sure that you read carefully and ask questions if you have any. Do not jump to conclusions based on what you see.

A confusing tone often characterizes live chats, so it is important to take care when communicating via live chat so that you can be understood. It is better not to use all caps when communicating with your customers since it is like yelling at them. Make sure you avoid making jokes because they are easy to misunderstand and can lead to arguments. The use of instant messaging shorthand (e.g., ‘lol,’ ‘brb,’ ‘gtg,’ etc.) is not recommended because not every customer is familiar with these shortcuts. To avoid confusing your customers, you must use correct spelling and grammar when you write what you are trying to say to them.

When a customer’s course-related issue just can’t be handled in a chat, the conversation should be moved to the phone or a ticket if it is simply too complex for a chat to handle. A different channel may be more appropriate to handle some course-related issues than others.

You should pay attention to the information the customer shares in their initial chat and respond to that information instead of asking for details already shared. In the event that the customer has been in contact with you repeatedly regarding an issue in relation to the course, you might wish to check their past conversations. It will save them from having to repeat themselves all the time.

Live Chat Greeting Examples

Some of the most used live chat response examples are as follows:

1. We’re open every day during business hours.

2. We’re open from Monday till Friday from 8 AM – 5 PM.

3. “Thank you for your message! We will get back to you within 24 hours.

4. “Hi there. Welcome to [business].


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