How Do Plugins Support Live Chat for eCommerce?

Live chat plugins are software programs that add rich live chat features to your websites. Let’s learn about live chat plugins for websites and their benefits.


In the era of flourishing e-Commerce businesses, establishing and maintaining a relationship with the customers is a priority. Connecting with the visitors to the business website would have been a little difficult had there been no live chat plugin. Also known as add-ons or extensions to business websites, plugins are a piece of software that allows companies to talk to their website visitors in no time. 

Of course, businesses have other ways to communicate with their visitors through emails, blogs, social media, meetings, and trade shows. But the live chat plugin for the website is easier to use and handle. Live chat plugins offer the highest levels of customer satisfaction globally. They come with various features that help you include advanced eCommerce features without custom coding. Plugins best serve the purpose of businesses by enhancing the functionalities, productivity, and overall performance of eCommerce businesses. Picking up the most suitable eCommerce plugin is very important for business since the better the platform, the more opportunities to grow. 

What Are the Benefits of WordPress Plugins for Live Chat?

WordPress plugins are software apps that run on top of WordPress software and add new features to your WordPress website. Anyone can create a WordPress plugin and do just about anything with it. Let’s get familiar with some benefits that WordPress plugins offer:

A) Monitoring Visitors:

It is easy to track how long a visitor stays on a particular page. It helps to begin chatting in strategic moments with them.

B) Co-browsing:

In cases the visitors are stuck with particular processes like product sign-up, you can provide them with step-by-step support using co-browsing features.

C) Announcements for Upcoming Events:

You can keep your customers updated with upcoming sales, feature launches, discounts, and whatnot. This online support feature keeps your visitors engaged with your brand.

D) Route Chats:

You can route chats to your operators for quick online support. This way, you can allocate the work to all your operators, either manually or automatically.

E) Greeting the Visitors:

 With this live support, you can send your visitor personalized messages while they browse your website. It helps in improving brand loyalty.

Features of the Plugins Supporting Live Chat for eCommerce

1. AI Automation:

Apart from instant support, the live chat plugins provide automation of FAQs to keep the customers and visitors engaged. Businesses can provide affordable services and solve the queries of visitors. Customers find it convenient for quick support inquiries. A robust plugin adds a live chat feature and functionality to your website. To integrate your live chat with AI, the Live Chat Plugin provides integration with dialog flow.

2. Helpdesk Integration:

The plugin provides high compatibility with WordPress Helpdesk and Customer Support Ticket System Plugin to get agents to resolve customers’ issues and convert customer queries into tickets. You should be able to give the correct answers to the customers at the right time, even if their country’s working time differs from yours. If not, you might lose the confidence of your potential customers and visitors towards you.

3. Security and Privacy:

Plugins store all your data on your server and enhance the security and credibility of the business. No one else will be able to handle your information. It makes you the exclusive owner of the data by eliminating external dependency.

4. Managing Chat History:

A live chat plugin allows your customers to communicate with you anytime with the same personalized experience they get in Messenger by integrating this experience directly into your website. It creates a unique experience for your customers. The conversation can continue even after they have left your webpage. Their information does not need re-capturing for follow-up. You can keep using the same conversation in a chatbox. Even the chat history between the visitor and your business will automatically get loaded by the chat plugin

5. Detailed Analysis Report:

Customer satisfaction plays a crucial role in deciding the overall performance of businesses. The detailed report shows quality scores, ratings, the taste of customers, and the agent’s work. After understanding the customers’ reactions and the agents’ conduct, it becomes easy to evaluate how the company has performed.

6. Chatbot:

The chatbot is a simple yet powerful tool with built-in features suitable for both large and small-scale websites. The WordPress Chatbot plugin provides a built-in plugin and supports any language, including RTL. It also uploads Custom Icon, fine-tunes the floating icon position, integrates with Google’s Dialog Flow, and so on. 


Different live chat plugins have different features, and only a few offer an all-around experience, such as Skylink Cube. 

Temasys is a leading Communication Platform-as-a-Service company with its headquarters in Singapore. Its Skylink Cube live chat solution makes it easy for businesses to improve customer experiences with live HD Audio and video, instant messaging, easily deployable live chat SKD, group collaborations, and much more. 

The Skylink Cube platform makes it possible to connect humans in an automated world by offering hassle-free and code-free human interactions. It provides a dedicated 24X7 service for customers all around the world.

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