How Can Live Chat Increase Your Conversions?

Learn how live chats can help increase your sales conversions efficiently and effectively. Also, it can greatly help you in satisfying your customers.


Does live chat increase conversions? Indeed, live chat is one of the most important tools you can have in your arsenal for providing excellent customer service to your clients. The ability to respond immediately to customers’ queries is achieved by providing quick and accurate responses; thereby, live chat increases your conversions and, in turn, helps to increase revenue by increasing customer satisfaction. Live chat increases your conversion rates by about 40%, according to live chat statistics.

How Does Live Chat Increase your Conversions?

Major players in the online shopping industry are spending millions of dollars on research in order to gain a better understanding of consumer psychology. Here are some studies demonstrating why consumers are so receptive to live chat and why they make so many decisions based on it when making important purchases.

In this day and age, getting a response is becoming increasingly hard to get a response, and even more annoying are the automated responses you receive are even more annoying. Having a live chat available at any time is a great way to get quick, personal assistance, and customers appreciate the ease and friendliness of this feature.

Several studies conducted by J D Power have shown that people want live chat when they visit an online shopping website. In terms of their findings, here are a few of them:

The number of people preferring live chat to resolve their problems or queries when shopping online has risen to more than 40%.

It was found that overall customer satisfaction was higher when the customer used the live chat function, and thus live chat increases conversions.

Live chat increases your conversions and is a valuable customer service tool. It helps create deeper relationships with customers due to its direct and more personal form of communication. Over time, these relationships become more loyal, generating additional revenue.

It is sometimes difficult for customers to understand products and their features. In order to speed up the buying process, real-time solutions should be offered. In particular, this is true when you are communicating with a real person.

Customers like to feel that their needs are being taken into account, and live chat exactly does that for them. Customer satisfaction is positively impacted by a fast and personalized response to their concerns and a positive impact on their decision to buy.

You can introduce a live chat function to your website for a very reasonable price. This system is far more efficient than e-mail or telephone in terms of average revenue generated. The chances of consumers buying will also increase when they are treated well by the company and their queries are responded to in a timely manner.

Further, live chat is a more cost-effective way to communicate than calling a call center. As opposed to calling centers, where a single representative can only deal with a single customer at a time, a representative in a chat room is able to deal with multiple consumers simultaneously. Thus, live chat increases your conversions in a cost-effective way.

eDigitalResearch conducted a survey a few months ago. They found that 73% of the respondents reported that they were highly satisfied with the live chat feature for their orders during the same visit. They also said that they will be visiting the online shopping website for future purchases. 

While the survey was being conducted, 31% of respondents were using a live chat during the time of survey and found it convenient when the representatives guided them through the process of using the website and placing an order. 

The ability to chat with your customers in real-time is more beneficial than other digital touchpoints, such as social media, phone support, and e-mail.


Customers are becoming more familiar with live chat technology. Not only do they prefer it, but they also anticipate it.

Aside from improving the client experience, the potential to boost staff productivity — in conjunction with the data you’ll collect — will lead to better success with live chat as part of your customer support strategy.

The use of live chat systems helps organizations maximize their customer lifetime value in today’s digitally oriented world. Live chat services are helpful for onboarding new customers as well as maintaining customer loyalty. 

Temasys‘ live chat and telephone support systems aim to increase revenue and retain customers. In contrast, traditional customer service software focuses on addressing tickets and cases, thus limiting the ability to provide people-centered, personalized customer service. Temasys’ Global Communications Network offers industry-standard chat response time, which powers Skylink Cube.  

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