How Can Live Chat Help in Saving Lives Through Mental Health Helplines

Live chat’s presence is rapidly rising in various fields, and healthcare is no exception. Follow to know more about its benefits in facing mental health issues.


People tend to ignore mental health, where the problem begins. According to the report by the WHO, mental health problems affect 1 in every four people making it a serious concern. Mental health influences an individual’s functioning and decision-making abilities and is directly related to an individual’s productivity. Many organisations have taken the step of offering counselling to people via internet channels such as live chat. We have already witnessed the benefits of internet platforms offering live chat in the COVID-19 epidemic. This can be the perfect stop to make mental health-related help accessible to the masses.

While the problem has been the same for years, the solutions have been updated. Previously, those suffering from mental illnesses had to schedule appointments and attend counselling sessions. Live chat is a modern tool that has bought counselling and therapy sessions to mobile or computer screens of people, making them more reachable and convenient. 

We progress in this article to discover how live chat systems are helping people deal with mental health issues and how this can revolutionise the process of seeking mental health-related help.

What Issues Can Be Resolved Using Live Chat?

People don’t like to talk about mental health and often forget that mental health also affects the individual’s physique. These are only a few mental health issues that have been consistent throughout these years and can be solved through live chat counsellors. 

However, this is only a small list of the most common mental problems commonly found in people worldwide.  

You can connect to your therapist or counsellor through video chat or voice chat options that make it more personalised. Platforms like Temasys allow you to access video, voice, or a normal text chat on counselling websites. They work just like Facebook or WhatsApp chats while being more productive and efficient

You can also use live chat to build up a strong community that can help anyone when needed. We will talk more about community support and mental health later in this article. 

Benefits of Live Chat 

Live chat has helped all industries show rapid growth wherever used. The faster response time is one of the most significant advantages of live chat over traditional therapy sessions.

The time it takes to deliver mental aid is critical in the person’s treatment. Live chat has shown to be a helpful alternative to traditional counselling and therapy sessions for providing instant assistance to a person through online counselling or communicating with them through the community.

People who cannot speak on the phone or prefer to avoid interactions with others benefit specifically from the live chat as they can express themselves anonymously and receive solutions to their difficulties.

A person having a panic attack can’t wait for their appointment date to arrive to seek help. The ‘always with you’ factor in live chat sessions has put them far ahead of offline appointment-based counselling sessions. 

Being have to deal with your mental problem on your own until you get an appointment fixed with your counsellor can have a long-term effect on your health. The fact that you can access a counselling session whenever you need it is a big plus point, primarily if you reside in an area which doesn’t have access to counsellors or therapists; going online becomes the best option. 

Community Support and Mental Health

Community support is another crucial factor and an excellent way to discuss your mental problems. You can connect with the entire community of people just like you and discuss the issues you are facing, and that can be more effective, even than the counselling sessions. Speaking and sharing about our issues is one of the best ways to tackle the problem; you can get solutions from the entire community about the situation, making you feel more confident and relaxed. 


Mental health is one of the most neglected and ignored factors in the health sector. I hope this article might have made you aware of mental health and the consequences of ignoring it. As the world is moving online, counselling and therapy sessions too are switching to online platforms. 

Having live chat support always assures that there’s someone always present to help on another end. This gives them the required sense of safety and ensures that their needs are met and not ignored.

Live chat is also an excellent medium for people who feel shy about expressing themselves in front of people. They allow anyone to open up and speak freely about their problems without revealing their identity. Many people also have a phobia regarding counsellors or therapists and don’t like to visit counselling centres. Using a digital channel to express and share their problems can be one of the most effective ways of resolving mental health issues. Don’t forget to check out Skylink Cube plans. 

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