Conversational Marketing 101 for your Real Estate Business

Let’s understand conversational marketing for real estate businesses and how it can help boost them. Also, learn how effective conversational marketing works.


Conversational marketing uses feedback-oriented techniques using real-time conversations as marketing tools. In addition to building relationships with buyers, conversational marketing accelerates their movement through sales and marketing funnels. As soon as potential clients visit your website, they are greeted with targeted messages and intelligent chatbots. What’s conversational marketing for real estate? Why do you need conversational marketing? Read on to find out.

Conversational Marketing for Real Estate

Conventional marketing relies heavily on mundane lead capture methods, like filling out forms followed by long waits to gather results or get responses. Conversational marketing, however, takes a different approach. Modern consumers don’t make purchases in the same way they did in the past.

Consumer purchases are most often made through messaging, aside from face-to-face interactions. 90% of respondents to a survey said they preferred messaging to email to communicate with companies. Consumers prefer to be connected through conversational marketing.

Furthermore, only 43% of people respond to cold calls, and the average email open rate is just 20%. Regarding email marketing categories, conversational marketing has the highest open rate.

Do you understand how helpful conversational marketing is for real estate business and its impact on the overall rate?

Conversational Marketing for Real Estate – How Does It Work?

Three fundamental elements of conversational marketing must be addressed to be effective in the paradigm.

They are Engage, Understand, and Recommend. If you adopt a conversational marketing style and strategy, you shouldn’t throw away all your other active marketing campaigns.

A conversational marketing strategy complements your existing marketing efforts and enables consumers to engage more quickly with your services after contacting you.

Intelligent chatbots can solve this problem. ChatBots provide real-time lead qualification, allowing you to capture leads before they move on to another agent. By asking the right questions in real time, they enable you to qualify leads immediately. A bot might even be able to connect a potential customer with the person who can assist them directly inside your brokerage, company, or team.

Your audience can also ask questions through chatbots. Additional information and relevant links can be provided. Essentially, it’s a help system that’s automated. All of this is automated and further qualifies the end-user consumer.

Benefits of Conversational Marketing for Real Estate Business

Listed below are some of the importance of conversational marketing:


Customers can benefit greatly from conversational marketing and ChatBots. They can significantly improve customer support through reduced wait times and self-help information. Using conversational marketing in real estate has many benefits.

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With Temasys, you’ll find the conversational marketing platform that fits your needs. Your real estate business can benefit from conversational marketing now that you know what it is!

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