Can Automated Chat Fully Replace Live Chat?

This article will provide an overview of can an automated chat fully replace a live chatbot. Find out the advantages of automated chat over live chat.


The use of chatbots is undoubtedly evolving today as they inch their way closer to becoming an integral part of the customer service presence of many companies. The question is, can automated chat fully replace live chat? There is a lot of complexity to this question, and the answer is multilayered.

Can automated chat fully replace live chat support? No, live chat agents will not be displaced by chatbots anytime soon. That’s the short answer to the question, “can automated chat fully replace live chat.” However, predicting what will happen in the distant future is not easy. 

This article will provide insights into the shifting dynamic between live chat agents and chatbots, how they interact with each other, and answer can an automated chat fully replace live chat.

Advantages of Automated Chat

In order to answer basic questions posed by customers, chatbots learn as they go, gaining knowledge as they go. Your chatbot can provide immediate answers to people who ask basic, common questions on your website, using the data they possess.

Businesses can decrease their support team size when using chatbots to answer basic questions. Support reps can handle more advanced help desk tickets, while the bots handle basic questions.

As a result, fewer support agents will be needed. You should, however, ensure that any agents you keep on your payroll have significant experience and skills in resolving complex issues. The cost of hiring low-level support agents will disappear.

Drawbacks of Automated Chat

These days, bots and AI are hot topics, but their hype tends to be exaggerated. Live agents have the edge over machine-based agents because they are able to think critically and answer basic questions.

Chatbots typically ask visitors’ email addresses when they ask complex questions they cannot answer. That’s because the chatbot doesn’t know what to answer.

Live chat is frustrating when you ask a question and receive an automated reply that misses the subtleties of the problem. The human brain can empathize with customers and understand complex variables in their questions. The chatbots do not.

Advantages of Live Chat Agents

The importance of valuing the time of customers cannot be overstated. When problems arise, human agents are able to troubleshoot them immediately, and in contrast, chatbots do not.

Live chat agents can empathize with customers by putting themselves in their shoes. Humans have an advantage over chatbots because they handle live chat issues with empathy and personalized attention. There’s likely to be an edge like this for a long time to come. Bots will never be as comfortable as humans in communicating with one another.

Drawbacks of Live Chat Agents

There is a limit to how many chats an agent can handle at once. It is difficult for live chat agents to answer customer chat queries even with multiple chat windows offered by live chat software.

Sleeping and preparing for the next day of work are needed by human agents at night. They are available only during working hours if you do not hire a 24/7 team.

Can Automated Chat Fully Replace Live Chatbot?

Let’s return to the article’s original question: can automated chat fully replace live chatbot? In a nutshell, no. Instead of replacing live support agents, chatbots will complement them and make them more effective in the future.

Bots will be around for a long time to come. Their ability to resolve customer support issues will continue to evolve. Chatbots and AI, in general, remain overhyped and unrealistic.

For complex support issues, live agents still remain necessary, and chatbots won’t be able to satisfy that need anytime soon.

Customer support will be improved by both chatbots and live agents, with chatbots handling basic questions and live agents handling more complicated ones.

In order to improve your customer service, your best approach is to use chatbots as tools to empower your live agents. As a result, your live agents will have more time to deal with more advanced issues, leading to higher customer satisfaction and retention. 


So you now might have found the answer to the question, “can automated chat fully replace live chat support.” Live chat and automated chatbots both are crucial channels for efficient and effective customer service and with both combined, customer service will be improved because automated chatbots will answer easy questions of the customer, whereas live chat agents will answer more complex ones.

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