Are Pre-chat Forms an Effective Way of Live Chat?

Wondering what pre-chat forms are and their role in live chat? Here, we will define pre-chat forms and discuss why they are a useful tool for live chat. 

Businesses customize the Pre-chat forms to collect information from visitors and enrich their pre-chat experience. The name, email address, and reason for contacting customer assistance can all be gathered via a pre-chat form. Companies can gather information before the chat session using a pre-chat form. It is an effective tool to direct users to the appropriate representatives.  Pre-chat forms are the best strategy to keep people from calling you frequently. 

As chatbots and intelligent conversations grow in popularity, conversational marketing is gaining popularity. Building the correct experience necessitates specific attention to “out of office” hours to enhance the customer experience.

So, what exactly are pre-chat forms? Read along to understand pre-chat forms better, how they support online chat, and their benefits.

Pre-Chat Survey: What Is It?

Just before chatting with a customer service person, pre-chat surveys are used to gather contact information. Businesses utilize them to give information to their support staff so they can respond to client questions.

A pre-chat survey has several advantages. Agents don’t need to ask introduction questions since they are automatically sent manually. The responses improve the interaction context for the agents, which lessens their workload during the chat.

How to Boost Customer Engagement Using Live Chat?

The fact that live chat has emerged as the newest customer support solution on the market is no longer shocking. Even business owners in the B2C (74%) and B2B (85%) sectors are starting to use it as a sales tool.

Getting a visitor’s attention and discussing with them can help you learn more about their intentions as a customer and the next steps they want to take. Every engagement doesn’t necessarily lead to a transaction, but it does help you better understand your audience and adjust your strategy. 

Several justifications exist for including a live chat survey in your client interaction plan. In this section, let’s investigate a couple of them.

1. Aids in Customer Connection 24×7

Giving your clients a wide-open window to interact with your company whenever they see fit is one of the finest ways to engage them. With live chat, you can provide your website visitors with round-the-clock assistance and guarantee that no opportunity for interaction or inquiry is lost.

2. Lowers the Cost of Your Engagement Strategy

Live chat allows you to connect with several people and handle multiple discussions at once, in contrast to engagement on call when an operator may only speak with one prospect at a time.

3. Gives You More Chances to Take Initiative

As a result, the operator may quickly start a discussion and even customize the engagement if they can spot a situation where the visitor is more inclined to participate based on their website activity.

4. Allows You to Increase Conversion Rates

That’s correct; you have the choice to increase conversions for your company using a live engagement tool. You can launch promotions that might motivate your site visitors—now called prospects to engage with your business.

How Are Pre-chat Forms Used in a Live Chat?

Pre-chat forms can be displayed following targeted messaging, allowing your consumers to start a chat first before completing the form and speaking with an agent. Pre-chat surveys make it possible to collect visitor data, and supporting the consumer is advantageous in customer service.

Samples of survey questions for pre-chat include:

  1. Name
  2. Email address
  3. User ID or account
  4. Order or ticket number

Benefits of Pre-chat Forms

Let’s explore the most significant ones among the myriad of benefits that pre-chat forms offer to businesses.

Instantaneous Information Is Available via Live Chat

The chats become much shorter and come to a meaningful conclusion.

Pre-chat Forms Provide Virtual Assistance

Sales, support, and meeting pre-chat forms serve as virtual assistants to promptly address consumer inquiries. Additionally, it starts asking qualifying questions and automatically creates leads.

Preceding Data Be Saved as a Transcript

Customizable pre-chat surveys are a very effective way to solve difficult problems rapidly.

Clients Satisfaction

A brief welcome message is included in the live chat pre-chat survey. It can be helpful to extract the specifics to address a problem.

Best Practices to execute Post Chat Surveys

Chat surveys are crucial for gathering real-time feedback, particularly on your website, to understand consumer satisfaction and potential areas for growth. A post-chat survey shows the consumer you care about the assistance and experience they received by adding a personal touch.

The response rate is higher when consumers do not have to enter a lengthy response. Hence closed-ended questions are advised for surveys. However, the secret to improved results is to define the scenarios beforehand and use open-ended and closed-ended questions.

Consequently, post-chat surveys may be a wonderful tool to gather information about customers and analyze their behavior to enhance both their support and the entire website experience. An example of a good post-chat survey is feedback seeking survey form that enquires about your chatting experience on e-Commerce websites.


Pre-chat forms make live chat help simple to start, but it takes work and the right approaches to make live chat assistance a viable and successful customer service strategy. For live chat help to be effectively integrated, there must be some careful planning and intentional design.

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What is a pre-chat form?

A pre-chat form collects basic customer information, such as their name or email address, and then uses that information to offer better assistance or services. Pre-chat forms are the best strategy to keep people from calling you frequently. 

What is a pre-chat survey?

Pre-chat surveys are used to collect contact information just before interacting with a customer care representative. Businesses use them to provide information to their support employees so that they can answer client questions.

How do I promote on LiveChat?

Mentioning new products and services wherever possible in a live chat conversation is a good approach to promoting them through live chat. You don’t have to be annoying or pushy, but you may be proactive in your interaction. Visitors do not come to your website because they are bored.

What do you use LiveChat for?

LiveChat is used for multiple purposes, such as:

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