A Guide to Finding the Best Live Chat Support for E-Commerce Businesses

Your search for the best live chat support for your e-commerce business ends here. Here, learn about the best live chat tool and chatbots for your website/app.


Live chat support helps to boost sales by leveraging customer relationship management through deploying real-time one-on-one conversations. The best live chat provider must believe valuing customers will build greater brand loyalty. And thus, offer the best chat support software, customized to suit diverse business needs through auto-generated talks to keep customers content and hooked. 

What Is Live Chat for E-Commerce?

E-commerce live chat is a pop-up window or interfaces to help customers resolve their doubts and queries. It is an important tool to help e-commerce platforms give a complete shopping experience to their customers via interactive chats. The live chat representatives ensure that no customer is left unanswered through their timely engagement and that all their doubts, questions, or complaints are taken care of .this is a great way to give customers a holistic shopping experience.

In the past, live chat support systems needed 24/7 staff monitoring. But now, the process has become simpler with an integrated auto-chat bot, saved replies, and self-service.

How Can Live Chat Help E-Commerce Businesses?

Here are some benefits enlisted to help you understand why live chat support is important for your e-commerce business.

1. It Helps to Save Time 

Most customers claim that time is very important to them when shopping amidst their busy schedules. That’s why e-commerce platforms are flourishing, where people can surf or access products 24/7 at their convenience. However, customers don’t wish to save time only when procuring products; they also wish for timely customer management. And what could be better than live chat platforms? These platforms are built to provide timely responses, thus eliminating customers’ wait time. Where customers would have to wait for 45 days just to get an email response, now, with chat support software, the wait time has been shortened to 2-10 minutes.

Additionally, the company also saves time and energy because their agents are able to look after more customers than before, thus increasing their efficiency. It is seen that most of the questions asked by people are repetitive; thus, by using the saved replies option, chat support representatives can invest their time in answering more complex questions.

2. Adds a Human Touch to E-Commerce Platforms 

However good, fast, and economical an e-commerce platform may be, it still fails to provide human touch as witnessed in traditional platforms. But with the birth of new innovations, that problem has also been taken care of. The live chat support helps add friendliness and interactiveness to chats. When integrated with chatbots, they act like in-person agents and ask questions like “How may I help/serve you?” and end conversations with “Have a nice day!” which helps to imitate the atmosphere of traditional platforms.

3. Understand Your Customers Better

Live chat aids the company by providing insights into .customer behavior by constantly tapping into the number of times a customer opts for chat and conducting a rating at the end of the conversation to know if the customers are satisfied with their service. 

4. Highly Economical 

Live chat widgets are 50% cheaper than phone calls answering customers’ queries and problems.

5. Recover Abandoned Carts 

Customers often add a product to their cart but don’t purchase it. The chatbots can easily help in recovering those abandoned carts by placing pop-ups like your product is waiting for you to buy or letting us know if you have any queries relating to the product. This will immediately trigger and remind the customers of their product and help in sales conversion.

With so many live chat support software available today, finding the one that will meet your business needs can be daunting. But fear not; scroll through further to learn about the best live chat support software that will propel your business to move forward.

Skylink cube offers a wide variety of e-commerce chat tools to ramp up your sales by notifying customers about sales, discount codes, or product launches. It comes with features like 

A. Live audio-video chatting experience, starting at as low as 1$ per day

B. Free of-cost instant messaging facilities

C. Indulge in engaging conferences and meetings through its group collaboration services

D. One doesn’t need to know to code or install the app. It can be easily deployed by copying and pasting it into your website’s HTML code


One must engage in lively and insightful talks with customers to gain an edge in the cutthroat competition between e-commerce platforms. The live chat support widget is a perfect blend of automated bots and instant messaging. Redefine your business strategy by adopting Skylink cube and see your business profits soar. You can try Skylink Cube for free.

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