A Beginner’s Guide to Live Chat Support

This beginner’s guide to live chat support will help you understand what live chat support is and how to deploy live chat process flow on your platform.


Nowadays, customers desire quick responses to their queries and problems but do not necessarily like to talk over a call or endlessly wait for an email response. And a single dissatisfied customer equals business risk. However good a business may be in delivering the right output, if a customer service strategy is not strong enough, one will only find their business losing its grip and tumbling down a slope. Refresh your customer service strategy by adopting live chatbots, and to know more, read on!

What Is Live Chat Support?

Live chat support is software embedded in the company’s app /website that enables customers to enquire and have real-time conversations with the support agents. It offers one on one conversations with a personal touch to make the chatting experience for both customers and agents pleasant They can facilitate fast responses because of their ability to remember and generate messages on a real-time basis. Live chat supports can appear as pop-ups, or one can click on the icon, usually at the bottom right of a page, and initiate conversations with the agent as and when required.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the live chat process flow so that one can execute an engaging live chat interface to keep customers hooked and happy.

Live Chat Process Flow

Step 1: A person with a query opens the chat support.

Step 2: The chatbot initiates the conversation with hello (name); how may I help you? But in case you are not logged in, you might require to give your personal details before you post your query.

Step 3: the person types his query regarding shipping, order details, returns, cod available, order summary, etc

Step 4: The chatbot immediately responds to the question placed from saved replies; however, in some cases, when it is unable to find answers, it politely asks the customer to wait while a real agent comes to his rescue.

Live chat agents are steadily becoming the face of the business. With few users, it is easy, but as the user base expands, the chat support agents will have to ensure that they are able to make timely responses without hampering the quality of their conversation. 

Live Chat Greeting Examples

Live chat scripts are prewritten conversations saved in the backend, which can automatically initiate a routine conversation without the need for human supervision, thus ensuring real-time interactions. As they say, the first impression is your last impression, so in order to strike up an engaging talk, a warm opening greeting message is vital like:

Hello, thanks for the message. We will forward it to our agent and get back to you shortly. In the meantime, you can check our FAQs; chances are that your query may get resolved.

In case your chat agents are on holiday due to a festival or any other special occasion the following greeting can be used:

Thanks for your message. We are currently closed due to XYZ reasons, but we will get back to you first thing tomorrow morning. For more information, check out our website.

Or, if you face a problematic situation, you can simply apologize by saying:

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had a problem with this, and we apologize for the inconvenience caused. I’m going to look into it right away.

Now that you know how to greet your customers let’s understand some live chat best practices to ensure efficiency while you boost your sales.

Firstly ensure that your chatbot strategy matches your business goals. Then pay attention to giving a user-friendly interface. One can achieve this by putting an uptick to three areas: easy access, timely response, and low-effort visibility. There is a thin line difference between a customer successfully completing his purchase decision or abandoning his shopping cart. However compelling a product may be, a chatbot system that makes a customer feel that he is its top priority and shows how the company values or cares for the person can make or mar his entire purchase decision. Thus the chat support agents must be thoroughly trained to give timely cum friendly responses. One must integrate automation and chatbots into the system to make live chat supports more effective. Lastly, the way to win a customer’s heart is through ensuring that their doubts regarding the product are fully resolved but quickly and without standing in a long queue.


With the advent and increased usage of smartphones, the internet, artificial intelligence, messaging platforms, and other disruptive technologies, customers desire to reinvent their talks with businesses requiring minimum effort and wait time. Gone are days when customers didn’t mind filling out call forms, writing emails requesting solutions, or waiting for ticket numbers. Now they are only interested in real-time one-on-one conversation, and thanks to chat software for business, all of it is possible. With this, we hope our guide to live chat support will help you make better business decisions.

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