9 Email Productivity Tips That Will Improve Your Customer Support

In this article, you’ll learn how email productivity tips that’ll improve your customer support. Also, you’ll learn the importance of customer support.


Of late, emailing has become a new medium of customer support as well as a cost-effective method of marketing. In this article, you’ll learn brilliant ideas that will help you increase your productivity and improve your customer support. 

These stats are solid enough to make you consider implementing our email productivity tips. 40% of customers expect brands to solve their problems through their preferred channels. Emailing is the preferred form of communication for 62% of clients, with live chat coming in second at 43%. Around 31% of consumers use email to file a complaint, while 28% use it to track their orders.

Before we get to the email productivity tips, we need to know about customer support. 

What Is Customer Support and Why Is it Important?

The new-age customer support teams have the responsibility to help customers whenever they need it. Apart from helping, they also need to manage the customers and interact with them to collect the data, which would help the company design products according to the requirements of the consumers. Along with developing new products, this data can also be used for preparing reliable marketing strategies for a business. 

Having good customer support can certainly increase your customer retention rate.

Customers can be served in many ways, be it before the purchase or after the purchase. After the purchase, you can connect with your customers primarily through SMS and e-mail services. In modern times, emails have replaced SMS, and they are easier to keep track of. 

Best Email Productivity Tips For Your Business

Below are the top 9 email productivity tips that’ll improve your customer support:

  1. Treat Every Customer on a Personal Level

When providing customer support through email services, you should remember that every person might not respond to emails in the same way. You need to emphasize more on paid customers who admire such services, and this is because you will get better responses and feedback from paid customers as they care about their money. 

But this doesn’t mean you should completely ignore the free customers. They can also share important data which will be helpful for your business. An email inbox is a very private and essential digital space for everyone. If you strategically bring value to every person through their email addresses, that’d be great for your business.

  1. Personalize the Email Interactions

Personalizing your email services is the best way to improve your customer support, and this is one of our best email productivity tips.

It allows your customers to build a connection with your business. Don’t let your customers feel it like an ordinary email. You can use this opportunity to introduce your business through a touch of human interaction. Involving human interaction in emails will help you better connect with your customers. Let them know the name and face of the person who’s trying to connect with them virtually. 

  1. Use Canned Responses to Automate Tasks

To increase the productivity of your customer service, you need to focus on the response time of your customer support team. You can use pre-made templates for common questions to improve the response time. This method will allow you to automate the response process without eliminating any kind of human-to-human interaction. 

Using this method will not only allow you to increase the speed but also, you can provide accurate responses at a consistent rate to the consumers within a short amount of time. You can create templates with the help of canned responses. It allows you to save common phrases as responses and can be set when needed through your email service without sacrificing the human touch.

  1. Use Casual and Formal Tones Equally 

While serving emails to your customers, you aim to connect to your customers. To connect with your customers, you need to make a proper balance of casual and formal tone in your emails. Excessive use of a casual tone ruins the customer experience, while overly using a formal tone may remove the human touch from your emails. 

  1. Keep It Short and Simple

Engaging your customers to read your emails is an art. Short paragraphs and to-the-point conversation techniques will encourage the customer to provide proper feedback and develop trust in your company. Make use of simple language and get to the point quickly, so you don’t have to dig up the web to understand the meaning of your email. Definitely, no one likes to scroll through long emails. Keeping it short will allow your customers to read it to the very end and prove emails more functional for your business. 

  1. Divide Your Customer Support Team 

While handling customer inquiries, you need to deal with different kinds of problems. So, it is always better if your team is divided so that only the right person handles the inquiry. This would save your time as well as your customer’s time making the email support service more efficient. This will help the customers to get fast and accurate responses. 

  1. Build up a Definite Email Support Style

Having a well-defined style for your emails helps you provide consistent customer support. Being consistent is the key to being productive. An email style will help your team to develop expert problem-solving skills and make your customer service more efficient and develop consistency. 

  1. Get Your Hands on Different Email Types 

You need to respond with different kinds of emails to different situations. Sending the correct kind of email for the relevant situation is an important skill that will increase the productivity of your customer support team. If you send an out-of-context email to a customer, that will do nothing else but make the customer angry over it. 

  1. Thank Your Customers

When you are writing an email for customer support service or just a casual email, you need to remember that there’s a real person on the other end. This might seem obvious to you, but most companies forget this, and their emails end up in the trash section. You need to thank them for taking up their time. This small gesture can help improve the customer-company relationship and also help in achieving better customer retention rates. Thanking your customers helps you provide a positive experience to your customers allowing customers to connect with you. But at the same time, try not to get too casual. 


I hope this article has helped you learn useful email productivity tips for customer support and was worth your time. Apart from the tips mentioned above, there are plenty of other ways to improve your customer support. But, these are the most important ones that would help your emails land in the right spot in your customer’s inbox. You should also check out Skylink Cube by Temasys, offering real-time live chat and audio/video calling services for your web-based platforms. 

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