6 Tips to Make Your Customer Support Teams More Productive

Do you want to make your customer support teams more productive? Read on to find out some tips to make your customer service teams more efficient and effective.


Maintaining a fast and efficient customer service team through small organizational changes and technology-based tools is important to resolve customer problems as quickly as possible. This can be achieved by increasing your support team’s productivity through small organizational changes and utilizing technology-based tools.

In this article, we will discuss some tips and innovative ideas to improve team performance and enhance customer experience.

6 Tips to Make Your Customer Support Teams More Productive

Listed below are some tips and team improvement ideas:

Customers are contacted by your customer service representatives several times a day. Some of these clients are ignorant or rude, while others have repetitive questions. Furthermore, your agents are likely to feel overwhelmed by several channels for customer service, resulting in procrastination. 

This attitude needs to be changed by introducing the accountability concept. Your team is better off doing the harder right than doing the easier wrong. Rather than piling up tickets, it is recommended that you respond to them by specifying a timeframe for resolution. In addition to improving the user experience at the same time, this habit can create pressure to get the work done.

Repeating the same thing to several customers can be exhausting when your staff can focus on more complex issues. The majority of such inquiries can be handled by a chatbot, leaving your team to concentrate on solving the remaining tickets.

Enhance your team’s productivity by introducing live chat customer support software with co-browsing capability. Agents can view customers’ browsers securely using co-browsing to provide them with the right technical solutions. 

Users can make voice or video calls to better explain their challenges and receive appropriate solutions instead of simply texting.

Incentives and rewards are essential to incentivizing and motivating your customer service team. Many businesses offer their employees compensation based on the number of successful sales they close. It is also necessary to provide non-financial incentives to motivate your employees at times.

By asking for their input on other important projects, you can make your sales team motivated in addition to offering rewards and incentives. 

Support teams work closely with end customers, so they should have some useful insights into your customers. As a result, silos between the groups are also broken down, resulting in a more cohesive workplace.

Agents may receive multiple pings while working on other tasks at the same time. It often takes your team members 25 minutes to return to their original tasks after this flurry of activity has successfully diverted their attention. 

You can avoid this switching cost by helping your team focus on one task at a time. They may need to implement processes such as screen monitors for a mindful assessment of their routine. Support tickets must also be allocated to agents in a streamlined manner so that they aren’t interrupted while they are working.

In most cases, sales reps are required to meet targets daily and do not take breaks in order to avoid failing to meet them. You’re doing your agents a disservice if they don’t take a break. Breaks improve focus and motivate you, which is a proven fact. Taking ten minutes to relax each day can help your team accomplish much more.

Consequently, if your customer support staff is looking for a way to take an active break from work, encouraging them not to eat at their desk during lunchtime would be a good practice. You can also make them take a short walk to boost their productivity right away by building short breaks into their routine.

Emailing your employees for notifications and collaboration on work-related matters can often impede productivity by burdening them with an excessive amount of information that will get lost under the weight of its own weight and delay their productivity. The use of team communication apps can help prevent delays as well as employee fatigue that are resulted from this type of communication.


A good customer experience is largely driven by the level of speed and efficiency of customer service, which also contributes to a reduction in churn. No doubt, increasing customer expectations will require you to always be on your toes if you want to make sure you’re giving them what they want on time.

So, you should use the above tips to make your customer support team more efficient and productive.

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