How Can High Availability Affect Customer Retention?

High availability has a direct impact on customer retention because it deals with trust, commitment, quality of service, and satisfaction of your clients.


In any business, you need to gain new customers to grow it. But there are a few things that can help you more than acquiring new customers, retaining your old customers, and building a loyal customer base for your company. Read along to get exciting information on customer retention and why high availability is essential for customer retention. 

What Is Customer Retention, and Why Is It Important?

Customer retention is a company’s ability to encourage customers to stay connected with their business and generate revenue. A company’s customer retention rate defines its services and products’ performance in the market. Having a reasonable customer retention rate means your products have greatly satisfied your customers. 

For building a solid business, retaining old customers along with gaining new customers is equally important. 

  1. Retaining your customers is free marketing, and it helps your business to spread through word-of-mouth and helps to reduce your marketing costs and boost your sales. 
  2. Loyal customers are the best way to generate revenue for your company, and they make repeat purchases which mean repeat profit for your company. 
  3. Retaining old customers will help you gain valuable feedback from them. This feedback will let you know what’s going wrong in the company and how you can fix that.
  4. Retaining old customers will help you gain new customers as well. Loyal customers will help to develop a good brand image in the market, thus encouraging more and more people to purchase from your company.

Importance of Customer retention strategies in CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

CRM is the best way to implement customer retention strategies. Data about your customer’s behavior and attitude toward your business helps you in many ways. Client retention forms the core part of any CRM software. 

Undoubtedly, client retention techniques merged with good CRM software can help you do wonders in your business. 

Importance of Customer Retention in Banks 

Banking is a sector that involves customer interaction daily. Most people underestimate the fact that banking is a very competitive sector; if banks don’t retain their customers, the value of the bank will eventually go down in the market as acquiring new customers has already become difficult. 

When you jump into the banking sector and start gaining new customers, you aim to earn customers for life. Gaining customers and treating them well will help to gain more customers like their family and friends. Here, retaining your customers will help you to gain many new customers. 

It has been proved that if banks only focus on letting new customers in and forget about the old loyal customers, their business will fall badly. They need to keep the old customers satisfied with the help of providing them personalized services and maybe some loyalty benefits because the happier the customers, the higher the chances of them staying back with you.

What is High Availability (HA)? 

In IT, high availability is one of the most critical factors in growing any business. It is widely agreed upon but pretty challenging to achieve. High availability means a crucial system or a component of a company can work continuously without any interruptions for a given period at a satisfactory performance level. High availability makes your business available to your customers whenever they need it while fulfilling their expectations. 

High availability is necessary for fields like military control systems, security systems, health monitoring systems, etc. As many lives depend on these systems, they must always be functional and available for the masses. 

As most businesses are switching to online mode and adopting more and more IT techniques in their components, high availability can play a significant role in customer satisfaction and retention. High availability can be implemented in CRM software which would increase the efficiency and capabilities of the data analytics team and further help in customer retention, as mentioned before in the article. High availability will help reduce the impact on your customers when you plan to maintain and update your systems. High availability will help you solve the disruptions caused to the customers during such maintenance events as disruptions in connecting to your business will negatively impact your business. 

How Can High Availability Be Used in Security?

High availability is necessary for fields like security. In such areas, stakes are higher, so everything needs to go smoothly. 

High availability firewalls can prevent single-point failures in your network, reduce disruptions, and maintain consistency. Two or more firewalls are deployed simultaneously as clusters, so if any firewall fails to perform, the other is always there for backup. 

Security control systems need to perform 24×7 and can’t go down even for a few seconds because this can lead to significant issues that might cost more than just money.

Using high availability (HA) firewalls, you can ensure critical services like security control systems are always functional and work without hiccups. 


High availability solutions offer fully automatic failover to a backup system, allowing users and applications to continue working uninterrupted. HA solutions must be capable of providing an immediate recovery point. Simultaneously, they must provide a recovery time capability that is much faster than the recovery time seen in a non-HA solution topology.

Temasys’ Skylink Cube is an ideal enterprise-grade live chat solution that can help your business boost customer retention rates without compromising security.

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