To show the importance of distance education
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Why Is Distance Learning replacing traditional Chalk & Board?

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Distance learning is not a new concept, however, its exponential growth due to COVID-19 cannot be ignored. It has been seen that the landscape of education may be on the cusp of a seismic shift.  Hopefully, it’s the death of traditional brick-based learning as a blended approach has been shown to be achievable and successful. 

For the past year, enterprise-level communication tools have been shoehorned into education to fill an immediate need, but this has not come without its problems regarding functionality, security, safeguarding & effectiveness.

Education has very different needs compared to Enterprise and this needs to be addressed to ensure the future success of the current K-12 generation.

Longer-term we need pedagogical focused technology that meets the needs of the learners of today and in the future.  It’s a given that high quality, low delay Audio & Video is the backbone of any solution, which Temasys can provide, but what else could be achieved?

Real-time translation, captioning, sign language, AI, AR, VR, biometrics, there really are no constraints once you break out of the classroom and into the virtual world.


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