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Why Educational Institutions prefer teaching Digitally Today?

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“The online education market size in India is expected to grow by USD 14.33 billion during 2020-2024” – Businesswire 

There is a big shift in the way we look at the education sector today. Most prestigious institutions around the world are adapting to the digital space and rapidly switching to online learning.

Let us understand why are they doing so?

A survey conducted by The Research Institute of America discovered that retention rates improved on an average of 25-60% for the online learning platforms, whereas it’s only 8-10% in the physical classrooms. The reason why there is a huge gap in the percentage is also because of the level of personalization. Digital classrooms have given a chance to give equal attention to all kinds of learners and cater to individuals’ needs.

How can you align your business/platform with our solutions?

Temasys can solve

  • Flexibility
  • Real-time translation
  •  Captioning,
  • Sign language,
  • AI, AR, VR,
  • Biometrics

Update your current communication infrastructure, our Skylink solutions/video APIs allow you and your learners/professors to interact better with video on your platform. Download assignments, share screens, and check updates wherever you are. Temasys is a leading CPaaS solutions provider, powering thousands of interactions every day with Video, Voice & data-sharing.

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