Whats the hype around CPaaS?
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What’s the hype around CPaaS?

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In our previous blog post, 2021-the year of CPaaS, we discussed the prospects of the CPaaS market and the way this technology provides flexibility and options to customers. In this post, let us understand what’s the reason behind this hype?

Explaining the hype

This is the right time to utilize CPaaS as a part of your user experience. Now the question stands for decision-makers as to what should organizations do to keep a competitive edge, while swiftly changing their business communication structure.

The driving force of CPaaS is its creative aspect that Application programming interfaces (API) represent. With the recent innovations around APIs, it now delivers modern Video/voice, media, and Messaging.

We live in an API economy. CIOs need to look beyond API as technology and focus on creating digital strategies, business models. At the end of the day, CPaaS is not only about communicating with the end-user through apps. CPaaS is available to anyone who owns broadband or an app. There is a big scope for businesses to improve their earnings, without worrying about the technology.

How does CPaaS give enterprises a chance to build a dynamic connection with their audience?

Strong communication –  CPaaS incorporates option-rich and seamless communication. You can have a conversation with a client over a text from your office or while commuting home. It gives you the option to switch from text to call and then Video when you wish to have a face-to-face conversation. You can do all this merely by a touch on your screen, without switching applications. That’s the beauty of CPaaS, you can switch to the call, text, or video from the same application.

Customer-centric interactions – Giving a personalized experience to customers always gives you an edge over competitors in the business communications marketplace. Customer engagements should be rich and reflect the wants and needs of the individual. CPaaS stands up to these expectations by giving businesses several features. Some of them are media flexibility and uninterrupted transfers between formats boost CPaaS to a personalized ecosystem delivering far beyond the table-stake expectations with which businesses work.

Simplified implementation –  Implementation is an important aspect of every communication technology project. Speed and simplicity are two factors to measure successful deployments. This is exactly what CPaaS provides, clients don’t require to build each component. There is an inbuilt ecosystem for both vendors and IT available in the cloud-based environment. CPaaS system also allows enterprises to build, expand and cater to their growing business needs. All you need to ensure is that the solution has a software development kit of its own. These facts make CPaaS the first preference to companies as they know that the deployment is easy.

Authentication & Identity protection – User protection is the core aspect of CPaaS. Technology today focuses on authentication and identity protection, which makes CPaaS a popular option amongst organizations. CPaaS users, get connected on virtual switchboards – without disclosing names or data. This feature can be seen on Messaging also. Today, cybersecurity is a big issue, the CPaaS experience fits the requirements by providing flexibility and secured communication infrastructure!

The features that CPaaS offers and the kind of technological revolution seen in this technology have justified the hype around CPaaS. Businesses today are not shying away to invest in this technology as they experienced the change and flexibility it offered.

Thinking of updating your business communication with CPaaS? Talk to our expert and find out what’s best for you!

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