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WebRTC’s Low-Risk High-Reward Potential Makes It a Solid Business Choice

Posted On April 21, 2017 by Chip Wilcox in Blog, Ecosystem, Media

The results of Webtorials’ recent “State of the Market Report” for WebRTC shows that awareness of WebRTC is growing — and with it, greater adoption. 191 IT professionals participated in the survey. The survey highlights that WebRTC’s low-risk high-reward potential means it is quickly becoming the real-time communications solution of choice for decision-makers in the business world.

According to the study, 69 percent of the respondents indicated that their organization is either in the process of integrating WebRTC into their workplace or plan to within the next several years. Conversely, only 31 percent of respondents who have heard of WebRTC do not plan to take advantage of the benefits afforded by WebRTC.

Considering the benefits WebRTC offers, that level of dissent, with nearly a third of IT decision makers remaining unconvinced, comes as a surprise. The simple truth is that WebRTC represents the API with the lowest risk and highest reward potential for those who choose to adopt. WebRTC offers secure, high-quality voice and video features. It can streamline your communications, is more developer friendly than most other video and audio technologies, will help your business achieve notable cost savings and is more inclusive than vendor-specific solutions.

So if you’re one of those that remain unconvinced about the benefits of switching over to WebRTC, let’s take a deeper look at some of the aforementioned examples that demonstrate why making the transition is the smart call.

Streamlined communications: Whether you’re using WebRTC as a means to reach out to customers in a call center setting or using it as an internal mechanism to collaborate with your own personnel, WebRTC presents a viable upgrade over browser-specific tools or entirely separate applications such as Skype or Whatsapp.

Developer Friendly: WebRTC is an open source API, meaning that you can tailor your communications—whether voice, video or text—to meet your specific need, rather than being forced to work within the constraints of another company’s communications system.

Cost savings: WebRTC can be embedded directly into your website with a few lines of code, meaning that your business won’t need to spend hard-earned revenue to purchase or renew subscriptions for another service. You will need to make a few complimentary technology choices in order to fully support your own implementation of WebRTC, but the entire package can be built from open source components. Lastly, you could even utilize WebRTC as your primary communications platform, allowing you to phase out outdated legacy systems at the same time.

Inclusivity: WebRTC does not favor one browser over another. By embedding code directly into your website or application, your business will be able to open up the lines of communication for the greatest possible number of customers. This closes off your business to many users who will not spend additional money, or go through the extra steps in order to reach out, opting to do business with a company that supports their existing capabilities.

Considering the immense cost savings and benefits of utilizing WebRTC, it should be plain to see that adoption comes with little risk and very high potential rewards.

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