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WebRTC Pioneer Temasys Powers vYou’s New Video Interviewing Service

Posted On January 11, 2017 by Chip Wilcox in Ecosystem, News, Verticals

Palo Alto, Calif. and Basel, Switzerland – January 10, 2017 – Today, the HR industry is relying on modern technology to find the best talent and streamline the hiring process more than ever. To meet this need, Switzerland-based software developer company Marseco GmbH has built an end-to-end recruitment service called vYou using the Embedded Real-Time Communications (ERTC) platform and plug-in from WebRTC pioneer, Temasys.

The vYou service helps recruiters quickly and easily select candidates for “timeshifted vYou” and “online vYou”, these are video interviews with secure communications and data transfer between recruiters and applicants on any tablet, smartphone, or web browser.

“From the job vacancy, through the selection of the applicants to the interview, vYou makes the hiring process completely digital and works on all mobile devices without any media interruptions,” said Ramiz Zeneli, CEO of Marseco.

A timeshifted interview is a video recorded by candidates responding to questions previously specified by recruiters that can be shared among them. Candidates can also be invited to online, face-to-face interviews where a recruiter (or recruiters) will directly interview and record the candidate using a web-based interface.

“The traditional recruiting system is broken. By taking advantage of Temasys’ ERTC we have implemented a platform that alleviates this troublesome process for both recruiters and applicants,” said Visar Shehu, Project Manager at Marseco. “Temasys has been extremely helpful by providing early access to their APIs, as well as having our questions answered in a timely fashion. In the end, we were able to go to market with vYou much quicker than we anticipated.”

The platform allows for multiple recruiters to communicate privately with one another and the entire communication is also recorded on a server, securely saving the notes and conversations for later. Recruiters can also mark the conversation with specific points of interest, saving time from having to listen to an entire recording after the interview is over.

vYou isn’t just a recruiter’s tool. The video interviewing service also empowers candidates to record video interviews when it is convenient for them. This enhances the candidate’s chances of getting hired when a recruiter has a better understanding of how applicants conduct themselves, through video.

“With help from Temasys, we have developed a branded hiring platform for employers and talent around the world to find one another,” said Manuel Born, Marseco CCO.

Candidates can store key data such as cover letters and diplomas, while the intuitive UI makes it easy to create a profile, apply for jobs, and check the status of an application via a personal link.

“Video is a powerful tool for screening applicants while saving time and money for those involved. The use of our ERTC platform and Plugin enables vYou to embed high-quality voice, video and data communication directly in their custom apps and browser. vYou could not have accomplished this with other stand-alone solutions,” said Bent Rye, Temasys CEO.

About Temasys

Temasys is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) company based in Singapore and Palo Alto, USA. The Temasys Platform for Embedded Real-Time Communications (ERTC) enables business application developers to easily integrate voice, video, chat and data transfer into any app, on any device, at any scale. Unlike other Communications Platforms, WebRTC Platforms, and single-purpose communication apps, Temasys bridges the gap between the pure open source WebRTC and a complete, enterprise-grade, carrier-compliant solution, with easy-to-use APIs and SDKs, exceptional documentation, and superior customer support.

For more information visit: www.temasys.io.

About Marseco GmbH

Switzerland-based Marseco develops customized web-based solutions and mobile apps for different industries around the world. With several years of experience in the human resources industry as well as sales and marketing, Marseco has digitized the processes in those areas by working with an international team of developers and using different technologies in software development. Four software tools available today include vYou, CVmanager, CrewManager, and additional APIs for connecting to other systems, all developed based on specific requirements in the field of recruitment, scheduling, and data management.

For more information visit: www.marseco.ch

Media contacts:

Danielle Prager
+1 858 256 6344

Ramiz Zeneli
CEO, Maresco

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