Temasys.io Embedded RTC Platform Goes GA

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The Temasys Embedded RTC Platform powered by WebRTC is now fully available and supporting developers and businesses worldwide!

API’s, Tools and SDK’s Provide Developers Embedded Real-Time Communications Essentials

LAS VEGAS, July 20, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Temasys, the global Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) leader in real-time communications for apps and on the web, today, announced the general availability of the Temasys Platform for Embedded Real-Time Communications at All About The API in Las Vegas. With the Temasys Platform developers now have access to many improvements and a full suite of APIs, SDKs, and tools to power the next generation of real-time communications in apps and web services.

“Over the past ten months we have introduced major updates to our services, APIs, and SDKs while Temasys Platform services were in Public Beta,” said Sherwin Sim, CTO for Temasys. “The evolution from beta to general availability of the Skylink family of products brings with it enhancements to stability, scalability, and improved ease of use and developer experience across the board. These changes, driven by feedback from our active community of customers, address real-world use cases that are reaching end-users on a global market.”

As part of the announcement, Temasys has released:

Skylink Linux and Device SDK – A new SDK for Linux and *nix embedded systems are now in private beta. With this addition, developers of smart IoT, wearables, and robotics applications based on Linux can now add real-time communications to connect to other mobile and web clients. The new SDK also allows for server-side automation of Skylink sessions, and offline media injection.

Skylink Media Relay SFU – The Skylink Cloud Platform now offers customers the ability to use a Selective Forwarding Unit (SFU) to support multi-party audio and video calls. This functionality allows increased numbers of participants in interactions and to create more complex call control scenarios, reducing client-side device processing load.

Skylink Recording and Archiving – Temasys launched its new recording and archiving feature for Skylink as a private beta several months ago. Skylink Recording 1.0 and Archiving allows video and audio stream to be recorded, mixed and deposited to a customer’s AWS S3 bucket. The Recording and Archiving feature supports a wide variety of use cases for financial services or medical reporting, opening Skylink up to the new and growing Fintech and Medtech sectors. The Skylink team will be making further enhancements before opening this feature up to wider customer use, including capabilities to handle video resolutions of 4k and above, and additional media output configuration options.

Skylink API Privileged and Unprivileged Peer Support – This allows for more granular control of peers and call control management from within the Skylink SDKs. One use case example, where this comes into play, is the idea of a super peer that can create conferences, set up and manage individual “breakout” rooms for other call participants, and control when to merge these sessions back together again, making this ideal for audio and video conferences and collaboration apps and services.

SkylinkMDC – Short for “Multipoint DataChannel” the SkylinkMDC is another example of Skylink’s recently expanded functionality. SkylinkMDC provides support for simultaneous multi-target, multi-transfers of data. The new Multipoint DataChannel functionality allows developers to take full advantage of the WebRTC DataChannel. Multipoint DataChannel also allows for real-time apps and web services to provide data sharing in the context of a call as a more flexible and complete offering, enabling, for example, the delivery of raw data, groups of files, or single files to all participants, or only specific participants simultaneously.

Skylink Screen-sharing Renegotiation – Skylink also added vastly improved support for screen sharing and session renegotiation. Primarily developed for the FinTech market, Skylink now supports multiple screen-sharing capabilities with start/stop functionality and stability improvements for this popular feature.

Skylink SecureKey – Temasys added additional enhanced API key security, a feature requested primarily by FinTech and MedTech customers. With SecureKey, the Skylink API can support fully secure, encrypted and time-limited temporary keys. This new feature allows Temasys to generate API keys that expire after a period of time, providing additional application access security to applications and web-based clients.

Skylink Console – To support the next iteration of the Skylink PaaS, Temasys has also given the Skylink Console a major overhaul. The update includes a significant upgrade to the user interface, along with improvements to the reporting and analytics available through the portal, and additional content and support for billing, which will be rolled out in phases over the next couple of months.

Skylink GoTURN – To support developers working with complex, and sometimes troublesome network scenarios, Temasys’ Skylink now offers client-side control of TURN services. As the name implies, Skylink GoTURN gives customers the ability to force the use of TURN in establishing connections between end points immediately, thereby reducing latency and increasing connectivity success rates.

Skylink Web, iOS and Android SDKs – Skylink’s SDKs for the Web, iOS, and Android have undergone many iterative improvements over the last nine months, largely aimed at bringing increased stability and reliability to the client side of Skylink’s capabilities as well as comprehensive refinement of cross-platform interoperability.

Skylink SIPConnect – Temasys added Skylink SIPConnect to its growing list of features. Available in private beta, Skylink SIPConnect helps applications built with Skylink to interoperate with existing Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)-based services, increasing backward compatibility between WebRTC and legacy VoIP and messaging technologies.

“With all of these additions Skylink is achieving its goal of offering a full-stack solution for real-time communications, backed by a team that has been in WebRTC since its start,” said Bent Rye, CEO of Temasys. “The new functionality and the dramatic advances Temasys has made over the past year reflects both our commitment to our technology and to the customers who are turning to us for our industry leading technology and our team’s deep expertise.”

About Temasys

Temasys Communications is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) company based in Singapore and Palo Alto, CA providing full stack solutions for Embedded Real-Time Communications, powered by Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC), an emerging standard for real-time communications in apps and on the web. Temasys products include the Temasys Platform and the Temasys WebRTC Plug-In for IE and Safari.

Temasys is recognized for its expertise in leveraging the WebRTC standard and is actively engaged in its development. Team members participate on W3C and IETF WebRTC standards committees.

For more information visit the Temasys website at http://temasys.io/.


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