Hidden WebRTC Costs

WebRTC DIY: Watch Out For Hidden WebRTC Costs!

Posted On April 14, 2017 by Andy Abramson in Blog, Media

Imagine if I gave you the raw materials for a house, and told you to start building. I’m confident that by the time you are done, you will pay more in time, labor, trial and error than you would by hiring an architect and a team of master builders, outright.

WebRTC works the same way.

Oftentimes we watch customers’ eyes light up when they hear that WebRTC is “open source.” That means it is free to download the source code and do what you like with it. It seems like a real bargain, at first. Their expressions change to a more sober grimace when they have to account for all of the hidden fees that can come with a “do it yourself” WebRTC project.

Watch Out For Hidden WebRTC Costs!

These fees can include:

Bandwidth: Running WebRTC at scale can eat an enormous about of bandwidth, negatively impacting system performance and disrupting other important applications on the network.

Infrastructure: WebRTC is magical in terms of its potential for positive impact. It’s anything but magic when it comes to making it work. One needs access to telecommunications-grade infrastructure in order to reliably support your WebRTC platform. And you’ll pay dearly for services like DevOps, server maintenance,  colocation and more.

Downtime: While WebRTC may seem simple, major complications can arise when trying to establish connectivity between two or more end users on private networks. As such, WebRTC downtime can frustrate customers and negatively impact business processes.

One might hire an architect to design a solid, functional house, and a general contractor to help oversee construction in a time and cost-effective manner. Likewise, you probably ought to consider “hiring” a platform as a service (PaaS) provider like Temasys Communications to ensure your app is supported by a high-performance WebRTC infrastructure, without going over-budget.

The Temasys platform runs on top of Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure. This gives us the premium backend servers that we need to keep costs low and performance high. And you’ll never have to worry about issues like downtime or bandwidth. What is more, vendors like Temasys should also help you avoid hidden WebRTC costs by clearly explaining what you’ll pay for, when, and why.

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